Memories over material

Why I Choose Memories Over Material

Gather Stories and Build Memories

When I think about the things in life which make me happy they all have one thing in common, they’re not materialistic. They’re holidays, road trips, days out, nights out, experiences with friends and family. I would prefer to gather stories and build memories than to give up life experiences for new clothes and the latest gadgets. Don’t get me wrong, I do love buying a new outfit and pretty new decor for home. Yet does the happiness of buying new items last a long time? No of course not. I get more excited by the thought of new things when in reality I don’t need any of it. Of course there are times when I can’t quite resist the urge. When I do spend my money on material items, which I don’t need, I tend to feel guilty. On the contrary, when I spend my money on an experience like a weekend away or a theatre trip with my family I never feel guilty. In fact I would hate to miss out on the experience.

Choosing Memories Over Material

Is it Just me?

When I’m on holiday I feel like my money isn’t real, almost like it’s from a monopoly game! This could be because the money is foreign and isn’t what I’m use to. Yet it’s also because I’m in a different frame of mind. A mind which is open to new experiences. I’ll happily spend away feeling guilt free. Dedicated in bringing back as many memories, stories and experiences as I possibly can. This frame of mind can fade as you return home. Even though we understand that making happy memories is what life is all about we can easily get caught up in the latest trends that we yield.

Looking back on purchases made, experiences have left me with a stronger happier memories than any possession. It seems illogical that paying for an experience which may only last a weekend can bring us more fulfilment than a new gadget, which can be enjoyed for a long time. Yet I’ve found that my attention to new things doesn’t last very long and I can stop appreciating possessions which are no longer new or which I’m frequently using. A new outfit or a new piece for home can become outdated. On the other hand, experiences can become warmer with time as we perfect our memories and remember only our favourite parts. We gradually push aside the small imperfections such as the traffic jams or bad weather and within time the bad experiences can become sweeter.

Life is About Memories Not Diamonds

When the end comes we won’t remember the high end brands we wore or the latest technology we owned. We will reminisce over the experiences we’ve shared and the people we’ve shared it with.

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