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8 Things To Do When Your Blog Traffic is Low

Is your blog traffic low? Not to worry, there are plenty of things you can do to increase your blog traffic and brings hundreds or even thousands more visitors to your blog! Some of these ideas are quick and easy and some of them will take a bit more time.

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1. Make Fresh Pins

Making fresh pins for your posts is the quickest and easiest way to bring more traffic to your blog. Pinterest is also the main way I have exploded my blog! Pinterest is not only a social platform but it’s also a search engine, which is why it’s a great place to start when your blog traffic is low.

Go through all of your posts and create several new pins for them, you can upload these directly onto Pinterest or you save each post and pin from your blog. Pins which are pinned directly from your blog are called Rich Pins and are more likely to bring in traffic.

2. Optimize Old Posts

Creating valuable content and publishing content regularly is important but you can make your content go so much further and reach a wider audience if you optimise your posts with SEO (search engine optimisation). Go through your old posts and reoptimize them, start with your oldest ones and make your way through them.

Here are a few ways to optimise your posts:

Install an SEO plugin: I use “Yoast SEO”, which helps me optimise my posts and know what changes I need to make to my posts to help it score a higher SEO ranking.

Optimise Your Headings: Your post headings (<h1>, <h2>, or <h3>) is a great place to include keywords.

Optimise your images: The text behind your images should be optimised too. The name of your image (e.g. keyword.jpg) and the “alt text” are two more places you can include your keywords.

3. Add More Internal Links

This often gets overlooked as a way to bring more traffic to your site, but adding more internal links will keep visitors on your blog for longer as they can easily find new posts to read. This will be hard to do when your first start blogging and you don’t have much content to link to, or if you have added a new category you may find it hard to link related posts. I’m currently struggling with this with my new “Motherhood” category, but just keep writing posts and eventually, you will have plenty of internal links to choose from.

4. Create an email list and an opt-in

If all your blog traffic is from social platforms such as Pinterest, it’s scary to think what would happen if these social platforms disappeared!  A lot of bloggers get the majority of traffic from Pinterest, and while Pinterest is huge and can bring thousands of visitors to your blog, it’s out of your control if the platform was to shut down. By having your own email list, your readers are inviting you into their inboxes for you to communicate with them directly.

Having an email list also allows you the opportunity to promote your products and services directly to them. To grow your email list quickly, you will want to create an opt-in. Your readers aren’t always going to give you their email addresses for free, but by creating an opt-in that your audience will love, your email list will grow much quicker.

5. Do Keyword Research

Before writing a new blog post, do a little keyword research on the topic you’re going to write about. Keyword research helps you find betters content ideas that will help you rank higher on search engines and increase your visitors when your blog traffic is low. Keyword research will help you discover which words users enter into search engines to find content, products, and services. By doing a little bit of keyword research you can bring more visitors to your blog.

6. Create New and Engaging Content

Maybe this is an obvious suggestion but if your blog traffic is now, it might be time to start creating new and engaging content. Write down all your content ideas and plan out when you are going to create and publish it. Go onto Pinterest to find new content ideas. You could also have a look at older posts you have shared, these might give you some ideas for new and related content. Then you can add those all-important internal links which we spoke about earlier.

7. Write Trending Posts

Sometimes to increase your blog traffic, you need to get on board with what’s trending. Writing seasonal content, such as “how to get organised for Christmas” or  “How to prepare for the New Year” can help to bring in extra traffic during different times of the year.

8. Share Posts on Your Social Accounts

When your blog traffic is low, make sure you’re sharing old and new posts on all your social accounts and email list. And share more than once! Create several pins for each post, share several times on your Instagram story or re-share on Facebook. Keep sharing your posts, because the people who want to read your content will be happy that they haven’t missed a post.

Is your blog traffic low? Which tip will you be trying first? Comment below!

Laura x

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  • Rose

    Planning out my blog content for the month has been such a massive help & gives me the time to work on more things like ” keyword research” and “optimizing old posts” in my free time. As a new blogger, thanks for the great tips!