How To Promote A Personal Growth Blog

As Those Positive Thoughts is a personal growth blog I want to share with you my tips on how to promote a blog in this niche, the best platforms to use and how to use SEO to promote a personal growth blog.

The advice I’m going to share can be applied to other niches as well or a more general lifestyle blog. But in this post I’m going in more detail on how to promote a personal growth blog and how to reach your target audience.

I will be sharing with you the marketing and promoting tactics which have worked the best for my blog, however that’s not to say that other platforms and strategies won’t work just as well. This is just from my personal experience.

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How To Promote A Personal Growth Blog

Join Facebook communities

One of the best strategies for getting your personal growth blog in front of readers is by joining Facebook groups. It may take some time to find the right groups which you can resonate with but it’s worth the effort, eventually you will make friends and find collaboration opportunities. I’ve joined a number of Facebook groups and I’ve also left a number of Facebook groups which I didn’t see much benefit from. Some groups are large are have thousands of members, while other groups are a lot smaller and only contain a small number of people, these smaller groups tend to be a lot stricter with who they allow to join. I’ve found that the smaller Facebook groups are the best ones, because you get to know everyone in the group and form better relationships and opportunities.

The best way to become noticed in Facebook communities is to be social and helpful. Don’t just post links to your content and not share other peoples work. Answer questions and help others thrive, and they will support you in return.

Here are some of the Facebook groups I’m a member of:

  • Blogging Boost
  • Bloggers Supporting Bloggers
  • Lavendaire Lifestyle Community
  • Creative Superheroes
  • Personal Development Bloggers
  • Perfectionism Project Community

Promote on Pinterest

Since day one Pinterest has been my number one source of traffic to my blog.  It’s the perfect platform for a personal growth blogger. After you’ve created your business account with Pinterest, start searching for group boards targeted for personal growth bloggers, it might take some looking around to find some good ones, but once you find them, you can start pinning your high quality pins to these boards.

Because I want to be super helpful and save you time searching for boards to join, here are some Pinterest boards for personal growth bloggers:

  • How To Live A Happy Life
  • Inspired And Mindful Living
  • Live A Happier Life
  • Millennial Mindset Group Board
  • >>Self-Development – Grow Yourself and Become Better<<<
  • Improve Yourself ( Self Care, Goals, Personal Development )
  • Journey to a Life You Love
  • Living The Millennial Life
  • Mental Health and Wellness
  • Mental Health Talk Group Board
  • Overcoming odds
  • Personal Development Inspiration
  • Personal Growth
  • Self-Improvement&Personal Development Group Board
  • Ways to live
  • Wellbeing Warriors
  • Wellness – Self Care – Mental Health – Law of Attraction

Pinterest truly is the best platform to promote you personal growth blog! In January, Pinterest directed a a whopping 273k page views to my blog in just one month using manual pinning! In fact, I reveal all of my Pinning strategies in my e-book.

Create a Facebook page for your blog

After Pinterest, the biggest source of traffic to my blog is Facebook. I’ve found Facebook to be a great place to promote your content because you can direct links to all of your content, including blog posts, YouTube videos, courses, and digital products. Of course, you can also add direct links onto Twitter and other social platforms, but I personally prefer Facebook and the fact that you don’t need to fit your post into 280 characters (like Twitter).

Get featured on other Personal Growth sites

Another great way to promote your personal growth blog is to get yourself featured on other bigger and more popular personal growth blogs. You can do this by finding blogs which allow guests posts or you can reach out to bloggers and ask if they want to do a collaboration together.

Below is list of personal growth and lifestyle blogs which accept guests posts.

If you haven’t yet created your personal growth blog but you’re ready to take action! Click here to read my step-by-step method on how to start a personal growth blog.

I hope you find these tips helpful. Do you have any advice on how to promote a personal growth blog? Comment below!

Laura x

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