My First Blogging Income Report – January 2020

Today I’ve decided to share my blogging income report for the very first time! It feels scary and vulnerable to share my income report on here but also exciting. I believe sharing my income report can help so many people grow their blog and understand the journey in takes to earn money from blogging.

I’ve been reading other bloggers income reports for years and I’ve always found them to be very inspiring and informative. It gives me confidence knowing if they can do it, so can I. Income reports really motivate me to keep trying, and seeing as I’m earning a little bit of money from my blog, I want to share my reports and with you all. I also want to mention that I actually started blogging in December 2016. It wasn’t until January 2020 that I decided to share my income reports online.

My First Blogging Income Report – January 2020

My blogging background

I started this blog in December 2016. I started blogging because I was looking for a creative outlet. I was happy with my life but I needed a hobby, I always read others blogs and I wanted to start my own.

I loved blogging from the very beginning and I would share a new blog post every week, but it was just a hobby. I didn’t monetise my blog until April 2017 when I added Google Ads to my site, but Google Ads don’t pay out a lot and I wasn’t earning much money from their adverts. It wasn’t until March 2019 when I changed my adverts to Mediavine, when I started getting regular passive income every month. I actually have a blog post detailing my blogging journey, with all my ups and downs, successes and failures. Click here to read.

Why I’m sharing my income reports

I find it quite strange to be sharing my income online. In the workplace no one is allowed to know what anyone else is earning, it’s always been a very private matter. But in the blogging world it’s definitely not uncommon to share your monthly income and expenses. I suppose because you can’t search for a blogging job online, so how else will someone know what’s possible?

1. To show you the true side of blogging

I’ve read a lot of income reports and my favourites are the ones which are real, relatable and show true results. One of my biggest pet peeves is when bloggers share their income reports and claim to have made hundreds or thousands of pounds after a month or so of blogging. Because blogging takes a lot of time, knowledge and effort.

Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme, and if it is then I’ve been doing it all wrong! I’ve been blogging since December 2016 and I’ve learned that it takes a lot of hard work and time to grow a blog. Through my income reports I want to show you the true side of blogging and share a real and relatable journey.

2. To keep myself accountable

I keep a spreadsheet of my monthly income and expenses but sharing my income on this blog gives me the accountability I need. Sharing this online will push me to grow my blog and my earnings. I hope I can see growth throughout my income reports and notice patterns and reasons why there might be dips in some months. 

How I earn money from this blog

Mediavine adverts: One of the main ways I currently earn money online is through advertising with Mediavine. I use to have adverts with Google Adsense, until 2018 when I swapped to Mediavine. It took a month to get approved and set up my adverts with Mediavine but I am so glad I made the switch as Mediavine doubled by advert income in comparison to Google Adsence.

Amazon KDP: In November 2019 I launched Those Positive Thoughts first ever psychical planner which I sell through Amazon. Amazon print and ship the planners to customers all over the world, which means the money I earn from the Positivity Planner is passive income.

WooCommerce: I created an e-book where I share my Pinterest strategy I sell this book on my WooCommerce shop.

January 2020 Income Report & Traffic

I’m reporting my income on what went into my bank account that month. Even if the money was earned from a previous month, I count it as it reaches my bank account. Many companies such as Amazon and Mediavine pay out a couple of months after the money has been earned. For example the money I earned from Mediavine in October 2019 wont be paid into my account until January 2020.

January 2020 Blog Gross Income: £191.81

  • Mediavine – £191.81 (October 2019 earnings – paid in January 2020) 
  • Amazon KDP: £73.20 (November 2019 earnings paid in January 2020) Income from selling the Positivity Planner.
  • WooCommerce: £14.99

 January 2020 Blog Expenses: £38.45

  • Instagram ads – £17
  • Canva – £9.93
  • Tailwind – £11.53

I grossed an amount of £153.36 in January. Luckily I have a day job which covers my living expenses! I’m ambitious and I want to hit 30,000 page views, that’s 1,000 page views a day, so I’m going to to focus more time in February on Pinterest, as that’s where the majority of my traffic comes from.

January 2020 Traffic: 12,032 Sessions and 15,960 Pageviews

Here are my stats from December 2019 for comparison:

Content Creation

My goal is always to post one blog post a week. In the past I have posted twice a week, and to be honest I didn’t notice a huge difference in traffic, so I went back to once a week.

Many of my posts that were doing well in previous years have become slightly outdated, so I’ve started to update them and republish with new dates. I’ve started with my most popular posts and working my way down. I wont be doing it for all of my posts, as I have over a hundred articles, only for the popular ones which are outdated. I think people would rather click on a post from 2020 than a post from 2018.

After the success of the Positivity Planner, I want to create and publish a second planner in February. It took me 60 days to create the Positivity Planner, so I’m not sure if I can create a second planner in a month. However I know all the steps now so this should make the process quicker. 

Positivity Planner

Blog goals for February

My traffic goal for February is to hit 30,000 page views, which is double the number of page views I received in January. But I know it’s possible, I just have to put in the effort. And as I’m sharing my goal on this blog, it give me the accountability to achieve it.

Mediavine calculate their RPM on the estimated cost per 1000 sessions and I believe my RPM from Mediavine could be a lot higher, so next month I’m going to research ways to increase this. I’ve read other income reports from bloggers who earn a much higher (sometimes double) RPM than I do, and I know you shouldn’t compare your RPM to other bloggers as your RPM has so many contributing factors, but it’s definitely encouraging as it means I may be able to increase my own RPM. And a higher RPM means I can earn more money for the same amount of traffic.

Final Thoughts

I try to stay positive, after all, this blog is called Those Positive Thoughts, however I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed with where I am right now. Even though my blog started as a hobby and I didn’t spend much time at the beginning trying to earn money from it. I have been blogging for a long time and it’s hard to not compare myself to other bloggers, who are earning thousands from their blog after a shorter amount of time.

But I keep going, and I think by sharing my income reports on here, it will give me that extra push I need to increase my traffic and earn more income from this blog. I also hope that by sharing my income report it will help others who are looking to earn money from blogging.

I’m still determined to make blogging my full time job, and one day when I have a family I want to be able to stay at home with them, and not have to go into work everyday. So I guess for now there isn’t any urgency to make loads of money from blogging, but it would definitely be nice!

If you’re reading the end of this income report, I just want to say thank you and I hope this post was helpful.

Laura x

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