Grow Your Blog With Manual Pinning on Pinterest

In this post I’m sharing with you tips on how to grow your blog using manual pinning on Pinterest. I’ve been creating content for my blog Those Positive Thoughts for almost two years now, and with Pinterest I have been able to grow my blog and reach a huge audience. In 2018 I have received a high of 273k+ pageviews in one month!

This is the part where a lot of bloggers will tell you to buy a scheduler and let it pin for you. But that’s what makes this post so different to the rest, as I will be telling you how I bring thousands of readers to my blog using manual pinning on Pinterest. I have tried Tailwind and do still have a paid account with Tailwind, for when I’m on holiday and having a break from work, I can still let Pinterest slowly tick along. However, I have never had the same results with a scheduler as I have been able to achieve with manual pinning.

If you want to learn my step-by-step method on how to bring thousands of readers to your blog every month using manual pinning on Pinterest, then check out my e-book

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How I Grew My Blog Using Manual Pinning on Pinterest

How does Pinterest work?

First things first, if you’re going to bring huge traffic to your blog with Pinterest, then you should understand what Pinterest is exactly. Many people mistake Pinterest for a social platform, but it is in fact a search engine with a social elementTherefore, if you use Pinterest correctly, you can attract a huge audience because it acts like a search engine, with a social element.

Think about how you and other people use Pinterest. When I wanted to look up birthday cupcake ideas I turned to Pinterest, just like I would with Google. When I wanted to create a dream board I turned to Pinterest for inspiration. Even when I want to find a new blog to read, I turn to Pinterest.

Isn’t manual pining time consuming?

Yes, manual pinning on Pinterest is time consuming and it requires an every-day commitment, however it is 100% worth it because the more readers Pinterest brings to my blog the more money I earn from my adverts, affiliate links and my own digital products and courses. However, in my opinion, manual pinning on Pinterest is not as time consuming as taking and editing photos for Instagram and not receiving much traffic/conversion in return.

Manual Pinning on Pinterest

Manual pinning Vs scheduled pins 

As I said before, I do have a plan with Tailwind, for when I’m on holiday and having a break from work. It does mean that Pinterest can bring traffic to my blog, however it falls very low and is not worth doing if you can make time for manual pinning on Pinterest.

Any pin which goes through a scheduler such as Tailwind, counts as a brand-new pin, just like if you uploaded it from your computer. Pinterest views all pins from a scheduler as new pins, therefore they aren’t seen by Pinterest as an already “popular” pin.

Even if the previous pins have had several re-pins, the same pin from a scheduler will start with a re-pin count of zero. If you were to find the most popular version of that pin and manually re-pin that one, it will get more saves compared to if you were to pin it using a scheduler.

Below is a screen shot of my Google Analytics from January 2018. With a whopping 273k page views from using manual pinning on Pinterest.

How I Grew My Blog Using Manual Pinning on Pinterest

Optimise your Pinterest boards

When setting up your boards make sure you name it with a great keyword, so don’t name your board “get stuff done” instead name it “productivity” or “organisation” as these keywords are more likely to get your board in front of people. But don’t just stop there, click into your board and add your keywords in the description box. Make sure you also select the proper category and not just “other”. We want to give your boards and pins the best chance as possible to be shown to your target audience.

Use SEO for Pinterest

SEO for Pinterest is super important as it helps search engines identify what your content is about and helps users find your content. SEO for Pinterest is similar to SEO for Google and I have a feeling that Pinterest reads our posts to identify its content, the same way Google does.

To make sure your pins are SEO heavy, make sure that when you upload a pin, either from your pin it button on your blog or by uploading the pin to Pinterest, you the following to give it the best possible chance of being identified by Pinterest. These steps aren’t just important, they are crucial if you want your pin to do well!

Pin Rich Pins

You want your pins to be Rich Pins, because rich pins perform much better than pins which aren’t rich. A Rich Pin is a pin that Pinterest has confirmed is from your website and therefore display additional information and SEO, which is why they tend to perform better.

Rich Pins include a bold headline, in addition to the story description and when someone clicks on the Rich Pin there is a push to follow the rich pinner. Another feature of Rich Pins is that when you update the meta data on your blog post, whether the post title or meta description, this will update across all previous pins from that article!

Join group boards

Group boards are where it’s all at, they are a big part of Pinterest and one of the key reasons why bloggers can attract huge traffic to their blog. Group boards are boards which are started by one pinner and which other pinners can contribute to. If the pinner who owns that group board has 5k followers and you pin a good pin to this board, then there is a chance that 5k people will see your pin. Therefore, if you pin to a board where the pinner has 100k followers, then there’s a chance that 100k people will see your pin!

Now you see the benefits in group boards, right? The Pinterest algorithm won’t show your pin to all the group board followers, but you will still reach a higher audience than if you have a smaller following of you own. To find group boards which you want to join you will need to do a bit of stalking. Go to the Pinterest profile of other popular pinners in your niche and see what group boards they are on. 

Teach Pinterest about your pins

You can’t just rely Pinterest to understand what your Pin is about. That’s why you need to give each pin heavy SEO and keywords to help Pinterest understand, but sometimes Pinterest doesn’t quite get it right.

A good way to check whether Pinterest understands what you pin is about is by clicking on one of your pins and scrolling down. By scrolling down Pinterest will show you similar pins with a subheading called “more like this”. If Pinterest shows pins which are of a similar topic to yours then this pin is likely to do well!

If you want to learn my step-by-step method on how to bring thousands of readers to your blog every month using manual pinning on Pinterest, then check out my e-book

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