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Find Time to Blog as a Stay At Home Mum

It can feel impossible to find time to blog as a stay-at-home mum, let alone finding the time to grow and monetise your blog. Looking after your children, your home and yourself, while trying to grow a blog takes time.

Your blog ends up getting pushed to the bottom of your to-do list, and even though you wish you could spend more time on it, you simply don’t have enough time.

So what’s a mum to do? How do we find time to blog as a stay-at-home mum and still be a present mum to our kids? How do we find time to work on our blog when everything else in our life needs our attention? The answer will be different for everyone. We all have different circumstances, all I can do is tell you what works for me.

find time to blog as a stay at home mum

1. Write down content ideas

When I don’t have enough time to sit down and write a blog post, I will spend 10 minutes writing down content ideas. Whether it’s for a blog post or content for social media. Then when I do have time to blog, I can get straight into it and not waste time thinking about what to write. 

Blog post ideas: I’ve created a spreadsheet where I write down blog post ideas and plan out when to publish them. Then when I do have time to write, I know what I’m going to be writing about. Without this, I could waste time browsing Pinterest and looking for content ideas. Time which I simply don’t have.

Social media ideas: I use the notes on my phone to jot down social media content ideas. This makes it easy to remember ideas while I’m out and about.

2. Plan out tasks each week

If you can plan out what you’re going to do each week, then you’re more likely to make progress and get things done. Rather than if you sit down to “work on your blog and business” without a clue what you’re actually going to do.

If you can plan out when you’re going to sit down and work on your blog, then that’s even better! Personally, I find it too difficult to plan out exactly when I will work on my blog as life usually gets in the way and then I find myself feeling frustrated that I couldn’t do what I had planned. But If I give myself tasks to accomplish by the end of the week, then this removes any pressure and I will get it done when I can.

3. Know when you work best

We can’t always work on our blog at the same time each day, but knowing when you work best will help you create some sort of routine around it. For example, do you work best in the morning or evening? Knowing this could mean you could try and work on your blog before your kids wake up or once they have gone to bed. Or maybe you prefer to work in the daytime, in that case, you can prioritise your blog during nap time.

4. Prioritise your blog

I know we have a million things we need to do, but if you want to grow your blog, then you need to make it a priority. If you don’t make your blog a priority and make time to work on it every day or as often as you can, then it will continue to be a dream that you wish you had time for.

Don’t choose a tidy kitchen or washing over your blog, because we all know the kitchen doesn’t stay tidy for long and the washing is never done. So let the household chores and other errands build up while you work on your blog.

5. Reuse and repurpose content

Creating new content is very time-consuming, but there are so many ways you can repurpose your content and still be proving value to your readers and followers. Here are some ways you can re-purpose your blog content:

  • Turn blog posts into YouTube videos:
  • Turn blog posts into podcasts
  • Turn YouTube videos into podcasts
  • Turn blog posts into downloadable PDF’s
  • Turn snippets from blog posts into Facebook posts or Instagram captions
  • Share the same video on Instagram reels, TikTik and YouTube Shorts

Check out my YouTube video below to see how I repurposed this blog post!

6. Have a schedule for naps

It can be difficult to stick to a schedule when it comes to naptimes, but if you want to make more time for your blog as a stay at home mum, then having a strict schedule for naptimes is the solution. If you can plan for nap times to be at home instead of in the pram or car seat then you will give yourself more time everyday to work on your blog.

7. Have a blogging day once a month

Ask your partner, grandparents, family or a close friend to look after your kids so you can have a blogging day. Spend the day batch creating content and get yourself feeling organised. This won’t be possible for everyone, but this is a great idea if you can make it work.

8. Ask for help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your partner, family and friends. My partner works all week while I’m a stay-at-home mum, but we agreed that Sunday mornings he is the default parent, I’m around to help with childcare if he needs me, but he is the default parent giving me extra time to work on my blog.

9. Stop waiting! Use the little time you have

Stop waiting for more time to work on your blog, because you could be waiting a long time. Use the little time that you have and make the most of it. Mornings, nap times, evenings, while dad does bath time or while the grandparents are watching the kids. Each day may look different, but if you work on your blog consistently you will see growth.

Read my top 10 ways to grow your blog.

10. Don’t be too hard on yourself

Trying to run a blog while looking after your children, and your household is hard work. Please give yourself some grace and don’t be too hard on yourself. Some days things don’t go to plan but don’t be discouraged. You’re doing an amazing job!

I hope you’ve found something useful from these suggestions. Let me know in the comments how you find time to blog as a stay at home mum.

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