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9 Easy Ways to Stick To Your New Years Resolutions

The New Year, it brings hope, faith and courage as many of us set forth to conquer our resolutions. You’re filled with motivation, determination and drive as you step into the New Year. Now, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could feel this way all year round? Today I’m going to share with you 9 easy ways to stick to your New Years resolutions and rock your goals!

new years resolutions

Keep a journal

Write your goals in your journal and review them every morning and evening. Every step you take towards your goal, no matter if it’s big or small, is an accomplishment. If you track your progress in your journal you can use this as motivation on those days when you need a little boost.

Set reminders

Remind yourself of your resolution by writing them on post-it notes and sticking them to your mirror or on your fridge. You could set reminders on your phone or change the desktop background on your laptop to something motivational! These little reminders will keep you on track and will help you stay focused.

Share Your Goals

The reason why I share my goals on my blog is that it helps me stay motivated. Not only have I made a commitment to myself but I have also shared this dedication with others. I don’t want to let myself down and I wouldn’t want to discourage others from setting their own goals. Sharing your goals allows you to talk to your close friends and family about your progress. On those days when you need a little pick me up, you will have someone to encourage you.

Set SMART goals

Setting SMART goals will bring structure and organisation into your objectives and give you clear and reachable milestones. To ensure your goals are SMART, each one should be:

  • Specific (simple, sensible, significant)
  • Measurable (meaningful, motivating)
  • Achievable (agreed, attainable)
  • Relevant (reasonable, realistic, results-based)
  • Timely (time-based, time-limited)

Make it a habit

Good habits are the key to all success. Your habits can be both positive or negative and can either hold you back or guide you towards a happy and fulfilling life. It can take between 21- 30 days to form a new habit, depending on how difficult the habit is. During January you are going to be feeling excited and motivated towards your resolution, so use this feeling as a driving force to adopt your new habit. When February approaches, you will have started to turn your goal into a lifestyle. Remember, the choices you make every day have the power to make a huge impact on your life. Take control of your habits and they will change your life for the better.

Break it down

You have set yourself a New Year’s resolution but the end goals seem like a lifetime away, to stay motivated break your resolution down into monthly goals, which will act as stepping stones towards your main goal. You don’t need to know your plan for every month, you can just start with January and then when February approaches you will have a better understanding of your next step.

For example, let’s say your New Year’s Resolution is to turn your blog into a business, earning X amount of money per month. Your January goal might be to complete marketing and business courses and then when February approaches you will have a better idea of your next goal.

Schedule time

Don’t let time be an excuse for not reaching your goal because you have much more time than you believe. You simply need to be more mindful of how you’re spending your time. Sometimes we can feel like our schedule is completely full but in reality, we are wasting a lot of time being distracted. Schedule time to work on your goal and once you have put it in your diary, treat it as a non-negotiable task, just as you would with work or taking your children to school. Just remember to be realistic and don’t pack too much into your schedule, by keeping space between each task you will allow time for those little unexpected things in life.

Use technology

Use technology to your advantage. Think about what your resolution is and if there are any apps you could download or any devices you could purchase to help you stay on track. Is your resolution related to your health? maybe you could invest in a Fitbit. Is your resolution related to your business? maybe you could invest in a lightweight laptop or a tablet so you can work remotely.

Don’t Dwell on Setbacks

Remember that no one is perfect, so don’t worry if you have a setback. Sometimes setbacks just can’t be helped, because life simply gets in the way. The best thing to do is to recognise your minor setback, relax and then reset. The journey to your end goal shouldn’t be an all-or-nothing fight with yourself, it is your journey of growth and development. Enjoy it, learn from it and remember, the comeback is always stronger than the setback.

Have you set yourself any New Year’s resolutions and do you have any tricks to stick to them all year long?

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  • Kaitlen

    I love this! I wrote a blog post about NY Resolutions as well that also emphasized not letting setbacks make you quit! P.S. Love this website!

    • Those Positive Thoughts
      > Kaitlen

      Hey Kaitlen! Thank you, I’m so happy you love this post šŸ™‚ I just read your NY Resolutions post, I like the idea of setting a resolution based on your mindset, it’s a bit like picking a theme for the year. Thanks for commenting! x

  • Clare

    A lot of great tips here, very inspiring and motivational.