A Tour Of Our Garden: Before and After

Without hard work nothing grows but weeds – Gordon B. Hinckley

I’ve never been much of a gardener yet now I have my own garden to play with and look after my attitude has changed. When I lived with my parents, I would watch my mum spend her weekends outside, designing, growing and creating a beautiful masterpiece. Now I’m keen to learn my mums gardening tips and tricks!

So in today’s posts I’m going to give you a tour of our garden. With a couple of before and after photos!

Three Hours Later

Earlier I mentioned that I’ve never been much of a gardener, well I hadn’t even mowed the grass until two months ago when I took it upon myself to tackle the jungle which was surrounding our house. I’m grateful to my parents for giving (or maybe lending, I need to check this!) their old lawnmower, yet I think I may have needed something a little tougher to get through our lawn! The grass was ridiculously long, it took me three hours to mow the front and back garden. It was hard work, very hard work.

This photograph is from the second time I attempted the lawn. I did not look this happy the first time!

With A Little Help From My Mum

Last week my mum and dad visited us for the entire weekend. I sent Dad to work in the house with Ash while mum and I spent two whole days fixing the garden. We had such fun and my mum is a fantastic gardener so I’ve learned loads of tips and tricks from her. We started with the flowerbed which needed a lot of TLC. It had been overrun with weeds and inhabited by frogs, who have had to find somewhere else to camp!

My mum was well prepared and bought with her lots of cuttings and all of the essential gardening tools! We just had to do one quick trip to B&Q to buy a couple more plants for the flowerbed.


The idea behind this flowerbed is to have mainly evergreen plants so the bed will look pretty all year round. The bed is divided into sections and each section will be colour coordinated.

Flowerbed Sections

1. Silver plants (Lamb’s-ear’s)

2.Yellow plants (Shasta Daisy and Euonymus)

3. To be planted, but I’m thinking of creating a purple section full of lavenders.

After 🙂

The Apple Tree

Small things become great when done with love

We have a beautiful apple tree in our garden but it needs a little love to bring its charm back. Similar to the flowerbed, the apple tree had been overrun with weeds. Mum and I got to work, removing the weeds and tidying up the bed at the bottom of the tree. Once we set the foundation we planted Petunias at the bottom of the tree. These are only summer flowers so I may need to find something new to plant during the rest of the year.

After 🙂

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how cute this hanging flower basket is!

Gardening For Self-Care

I’m only a beginner when it comes to gardening so I wouldn’t say that I have green fingers just yet. But I have found gardening to be therapeutic and it has given me great joy.

Stepping outside into my beautiful garden, in a space which is just mine, no distractions, it’s just me and the blooming flowers. Each plant and flower is unique with completely different sizes, styles and colours, some are bold and show off  while others are dainty and graceful, yet each one is beautiful. When I’m outside with the flowers I feel no judgement, I feel present, I feel peaceful, I feel like I’m exactly where I want to be. As I nurture and care for each of them, they return the favour by providing with me the self-care I need.

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Lots more work to be done in the garden and most definitely in the house. 

8 thoughts on “A Tour Of Our Garden: Before and After

  1. Absolutely enjoyed seeing the transformation of your sweet garden. Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  2. I’m sure that was some great bonding time with your mom and you are right, mowing the lawn is not easy! It sure does look easy though! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Laura,
    Garden looks beautiful! I’m not much of a gardener – but I’m very envious of anyone with a nice garden. I don’t think most people (including myself sometimes) acknowledge how much work it is to keep a well-mentained garden, haha.

  4. Hi Laura
    I’ve just had a catch up with your blogs, you and ash are doing so well (with a little bit of help from the parents ????) can’t wait to see your new home soon xxxx
    Elaine xxx

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