How To Love Your Home (Even When It's Under Construction)

How To Love Your Home (Even When It’s Under Construction)

Pardon The Mess

I get asked a lot from family and friends ‘how’s the house coming along?’ and sometimes I just don’t know how to answer. You see we’ve been living in our home for just over twelve weeks now and it’s one heck of a project! The house is a fixer-upper and the only way to make it better is to first make it worse and that’s where we are right now the ‘worst’ part. The part where we don’t have any wallpaper, the part where we don’t have a kitchen the part where we have creaky floorboards which spiders ALWAYS seem to find their way through into our house… including the bedroom!

The work is all being done by me, my boyfriend Ash and with the help of our friends and family. Yet when everyone works full time and when we don’t live very close to relatives, progress in the house is pretty slow.

Do You Regret Buying a House Which Needs So Much Work?

No, no and definitely not. The house may be hard work, the spiders may invade our bedroom but despite the mess I absolutely LOVE our home. In fact, Ash and I looked at twenty-six houses in total, some of which were pristine, hardly any D.I.Y  would of been required. Yet as strange as it may sound, when we walked into our current home, a home which needs a lot of TLC, a home which had a bit of a funky smell to it, a home which was very much outdated, we both knew instantly that it was the one. We could see past the interior and visualise what an amazing home we could turn this into.

Today I’ll tell you about the simple things which make me love our home and give you advice on how you can turn your home into a place that you truly love.

How To Love Your Home (Even When It's Under Construction)

Frame Your Favourite Photos

Fall in love with your home by filling it with cherished memories and photos of your loved ones. These days we store all of our photos on our phones and in the cloud, instead let’s bring them to life by displaying them in our home.

Organise and Simplify Your Items

I can not wait until our house is a bit more in order and I can start to organise our items. By having an organised and de-cluttered home you will be more productive, creative and happier. By simply chucking away things which you no longer need or love you will feel more inspired by your home. For more inspiration on how to organise your items I suggest you check out “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo”*.

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Hire a Cleaner

Free up your time by hiring a window cleaner and or a maid. By doing this you will have more time to do the things you love. If you dislike cleaning then you may not be doing a thorough job at it, by hiring a cleaner you can guarantee that your house will be spick and span, or at least for a day or two after they’ve cleaned.

Don’t Settle For Less

After buying a home we’re pretty tight on cash but that doesn’t mean we settle for less. To really love you’re home I suggest you save up and buy the appliances and furniture which you love, you’ll also  learn to appreciate them that much more.

Keep Your Home Smelling Sweet

I mentioned earlier that when we bought our home there was a bit of a funky smell to it. Luckily the odour didn’t last long, just a bit of a fresh air and some scented candles left the house smelling good as new. Treat yourself to some oil diffusers* and scented candles*, they will look pretty and leave your home smelling sweet.

Make Your Living Room Cosy

My living room is far from perfect and it’s also going to be a while until we make it our own. For the time being I try my best to make it feel relaxing, I do this by buying a soft rug for the floor, pretty cushions* for the sofa and a cosy throw* to snuggle into.

Improve Your View

Since having my own garden I’ve realised that I actually love gardening! One of the main reasons is because I can see quicker results, in comparison to the house work which is much slower. Try to improve your view when you wake up in the morning by making your garden a place which you love. If you’re not a fan of gardening then you can purchase some evergreen shrubs and plants*, which hold their foliage all year around, making them the perfect choice for low maintenance gardening.

Customise Your Lights

We purchased Philip Hue Lights and I have to say that they’re pretty handy! There’s a few things which I love about them, first you can customise the lighting for your daily routines and moments. For example, we have set the lights to gradually turn on and wake us up in the morning. We can also control all of the lights from our phone, which is super useful when you’ve gone to work and not sure if you’ve left the lights on.

Bring Nature Indoors

I love to bring nature indoors by buying fresh flowers and house plants. Some plants will also leave your house smelling gorgeous such as Lavenders*.

Appreciate That You Have a Home

Remember how lucky you are to have a home to call your own. Some people only dream of having a roof over their head. Be grateful that you have a place to sleep at night and place to be with your loved ones.

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  1. I am actually starting to get excited about buying a house! I was never really one that thought about owning it (too much work) lol but now that I am older I am falling in love with the idea!

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