Pinning Strategies: Grow Your Blog With Pinterest

273k+ pageviews in one month from Pinterest

I have been creating content for my blog Those Positive Thoughts for almost two years now, and with the help of Pinterest I have been able to grow my blog and reach a huge audience. In 2018 I have received a high of 273k+ pageviews in one month and a low of 38k in another month.

My point is, even during a month where I wasn’t active online, Pinterest continued to bring huge traffic to my blog. Of course, if you do put in the effort, you can reach incredible numbers such as my highest month in January 2018, with 273k+ pageviews from Pinterest alone!

NOTE: This is not a sales pitch on Tailwind, in my e-book I will be sharing my pinning strategies and how I use manual pining to bring tens of thousands of people to my blog every single month

I’ll be telling you my pinning strategies and sharing my Google Analytics as well as showing you the difference between my pins which have gone ultra-viral and the ones which have completely flopped and gotten lost in the Pinterest algorithm. We will be going in depth into how Pinterest works and how you can use this platform to attract thousands of people to your blog every single month.

Not just people but your target audience!

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Why create a blogging e-book when you’re a Personal Growth blogger?

My blog is and always will be focused on personal growth and lifestyle advice and I have no interest in creating content about blogging, but as I have years of experiences as a blogger and I know exactly how to make my blog posts go viral on Pinterest, I do want to share this information with you, if you are interested.

A big reason why I’ve written this book is because I saw a lot of bloggers mention that they believe blogs are dying. I honestly couldn’t believe it because I don’t think blogs are dying at all, I love reading blogs and I know other people do too, based on my own blog traffic. I decided to reach out to these bloggers and I suggested they use Pinterest to reach a wider audience, I was more than happy to help them, but it proved very difficult to share all the vital steps with so many people, via back and forth messages. With this e-book I can help an unlimited amount of people grow their blog and help them have faith in blogging again!

I have no interest in hard selling you my e-book, as a blogger, I receive enough desperate sales emails, which I find rather annoying! So if you do want to learn my pinning strategies and how to bring more traffic to your blog for free then my Pinterest strategy is available if you are willing to put in the effort and implement the strategies.

1 – 31 January 2018: 273,297 pageviews from Pinterest

I haven’t quite worked out how to bring huge traffic to my blog from any other social network, as you can see from the screen shot below. The majority of my traffic comes from Pinterest, and if it wasn’t thanks to Pinterest I would have a very small audience and would have to pay for advertising.

But I don’t have to pay for any advertising on Pinterest, as I know exactly how to bring huge traffic to my blog from free!

In this e-book I have included lots of images and examples throughout to help make everything clear.

What inside?

SEO for Pinterest (this is absolutely crucial if you want to bring traffic to your blog!)

Manual pinning strategies (Tailwind is helpful if you’re on holiday or busy, but manual pinning brings me the better traffic than Tailwind ever will)

Teach Pinterest about your pins (did you know that you actually need to teach Pinterest about your pins?)

Chapter 1: Hello and welcome
Chapter 2: How Pinterest works
Chapter 3: Before we start, 6 key points
Chapter 4: Business profile
Chapter 5: Pinterest boards
Chapter 6: What makes a great pin?
Chapter 7: What are Rich Pins?
Chapter 8: SEO for Pinterest
Chapter 9: Group boards
Chapter 10: My Pinterest strategy
Chapter 11: Scheduled pins with Tailwind
Chapter 12: Manual pinning strategies
Chapter 13: Pinning Rich Pins
Chapter 14: Are number of followers important?
Chapter 15: Deleting pins
Chapter 16: Teach Pinterest about your pins
Chapter 17: Final thoughts


Q: What if I am unhappy with my purchase? 

Unfortunately, due to product being a downloadable PDF I cannot provide a refund. This is because as soon as you pay for the product it will be downloaded to your computer. However if you are unhappy with your purchase please contact me at [email protected] with your concerns and I will do my best to address them.

Q: My download is not working, what should I do?

If your purchase will not download or open for any reason please contact [email protected] and we will do our best to fix the issue.

Q: When will I receive my download?
 The e-book will be emailed to you straight after your purchase.

Purchase your e-book here and start bringing huge traffic to your blog and if you have any questions about this book then feel free to email me any questions!


Laura x

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