9 Rules I Live By

Today I’m sharing 9 rules I live by, well that I’m trying to live by anyway! I’ve found by having little “rules” in place I’m more productive and generally more relaxed. Of course I’m only human and these rules, or habits you might say, sometimes get broken. Which leaves me feeling guilty and unproductive, because I haven’t worked out much this week or because I keep sleeping in.

I’ve opted for a more chatty and personal writing style today, rather than my usual advice blog posts. I hope you can relate and if you have any rules or habits of your own then comment below. I would love to hear from you!

Wake up early

This habit keeps going back and fourth, meaning I will get myself into the swing of waking up early and feeling good about it. Then the next month I just can not find any willpower to get out of my cosy bed. That’s where I am at the moment, no literally… I’m writing this post in bed. To be honest I don’t think anyone ever feels like waking up early, that’s why you first need a motive, one which excites you. Then when you’re struggling you can use this motive to get you back into the habit.

Switch off by 9 pm

I’m fairly good at this habit, by 9 pm I say it’s bedtime and that’s when I will start getting my bag ready for work tomorrow, including packing my gym kit. But the only place where I’m struggling here is social media. Once I get into bed about 9:30 I have my book ready to read but I find it hard to my phone. This is an area where I would like to improve because I believe looking at my phone before going to sleep causes me to have a bad night. Whereas when I read a book before bed my mind is relaxed. I also don’t like how addicted I am to social media, I don’t know why I feel the need to constantly check my phone and especially my Instagram right before I go to sleep.

Exercise three times a week

My time is pretty flexible as I don’t have many responsibilities apart from work. I also have the luxury of being able to go to the gym or for a run on my lunch break at work, so exercising three times a week (minimum) is fairly easy. Which means when I don’t exercise much in the week, then I feel lazy, unproductive and guilty. The thing is, when I do get myself into the habit of exercising daily I feel amazing and I love the slight ache I feel the day after a good workout. My eating habits will also improve when I’m exercising regularly. Yet when I fall out of my exercise regime, I feel sluggish, unproductive and I’ll eat more unhealthily. It seems like a no brainer right? Yet this is still a rule which constantly needs to be worked on. Because eating ice cream in front of Netflix is always the easier option!

Write one blog post a week

I almost didn’t write a blog post this week but because it’s one of my rules I started to feel really guilty. I’ve made a good habit of writing one post a week and once you get yourself in a habit it’s hard to break it. Which is actually the reason why I wrote today’s post, as it got me thinking about the other rules which I try to live by.

Stop ignoring others

By this I mean I want to get into the habit of replying quickly to all of the lovely comments and messages I receive from you guys! Including messages from brands or other bloggers who want to collaborate. I receive many emails from brands and businesses for collaboration opportunities but I only like to work with brands which I like and which fit my niche. Yet I still believe that every message should be acknowledged and thanked for their interest.

I’m trying to make a conscious effort to text back my friends and family quicker too. I don’t want to be that friend who never texts back and I feel not long ago that was starting to happen. I would see a message pop up when I was in the middle of something else and then I would forget to reply.

Stop doing busy work

I’ve noticed that one way I procrastinate is by doing busy work. Busy work is basically when you do easy tasks which aren’t actually helping you reach your goals but by doing them you feel productive. One way I do busy work is by perfecting my website, by making small tweaks here and there. These tasks don’t grow my blog, reach new readers of contribute to my overall goals in anyway, but they are easy, fun and require little brain power. Basically by doing busy work you are staying in your comfort zone and not progressing. I’m trying to become more aware of when I’m doing busy work and avoiding the real tasks which need attention. When I notice this happening, I open my to do list and get started on the real work!

Be Eco friendly

I’m making an effort to live a more Eco friendly life, by not creating harm to the environment and prevent harm occurring to the environment through my actions. I believe this rule or habit has occurred more since I’ve moved into my our home and I’ve realised how much waste one household can create. I was bought up to be Eco friendly and to always recycle but it’s only now that I’m a home owner than I’m making a conscious effort to recycle more.

Eat less meat

Following my note above about being Eco friendly, I’m also trying to eat less meat. I’m not a vegetarian but I am trying to reduce the amount of meat I consume. I no longer see the value in having chicken in my salad when there are so many other delicious, healthy and meat free options to choose from. I’ve been trying lots of meat free dishes which I’ve actually found to be a lot tastier. Which means I’ve replaced a lot of my home cooked meals with vegetarian options. I still enjoy going out for dinner and ordering a steak for example, but this just makes these occasions even more special.

Make my commute productive

It takes me nearly 1 hour 30 minutes to get to work, that’s a long time. In fact, that’s nearly 3 hours everyday just commuting. I call this dead time, as it’s time when it’s difficult to be productive. I used to spend this time listening to music, but then I found a more productive way to spend my time. I discovered podcasts! Podcasts are simply amazing, I get to listen in on conversations of successful people and learn how they got to where they are today. To find out which obstacles they’re faced with and how they overcome failures. I get to hear their advice and apply it to my own life, and most importantly I get to do it for free during my commute.

If you have any rules or habits of your own then comment below. I would love to hear from you!

Laura x

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  • Giorgia

    Great rules! I’m with you on busy work. I took a look at my schedule lately and I was doing so many things I really didn’t need to. I’m cutting back on those so I can focus on the stuff that really matters.

    • Those Positive Thoughts
      > Giorgia

      Thank you 🙂 That sounds like a good plan, I feel like I’m always having to re-look at how I’m spending my time, so I can get back on track and focus on the real work!