How I Rock My Goals: March

2018 is flying by, so let’s make sure we’re staying focused on the goals which we set ourselves at the beginning of year… If you can remember them!

Today’s post will be another ‘How I Rock My Goals’ series, if you’re new to my blog then I’ll fill you in. Since the beginning of 2017 I have been setting myself monthly goals, why? Because I believe setting goals will help me stay motivated and I hope by sharing my goals I will inspire you to set your own. Today I will share with you how I got on with my February goals and what my goals are for March.

To give you a bit more background, at the beginning of 2018 I divided my New Year goals into five categories, blogging, self-care, personal growth, health and adventure. These are the areas of my life which I would like to blossom in, which is why my goals are divided into these categories. I’ve found that by doing this I’m staying focused on all the important areas of my life. I believe if I didn’t review my goals every month then I would end up loosing focus on one, two or even three areas!

February review

How I Rock My Goals: March


I gave myself quite a challenge in February when it came to my blogging goals. I set myself three very new and therefore time consuming goals, they were:

  • Change Those Positive Thoughts blog theme.
  • Create a second video for my most popular post.
  • Create a free 21 day self-love email challenge.

If you’re a regular to my blog then you may notice that my blog theme has not changed. I’m still super keen to change my theme and create a home page, which will link to my blog posts, resource library, shop and my social accounts such as my new YouTube channel. But doing this is a harder than I first thought and to make sure I set it up correctly and exactly how I want it, I will need a bit longer to achieve this goal.

My next blogging goal was to create a second YouTube video. I was going to do a video based on my most popular blog post (10 things to do at the beginning of every month to be super organised), however I ended up doing a video about taking yourself on a self-care date. The reason I changed my mind was simply because I went to a lovely hotel in Essex with my boyfriend for our three year anniversary and it was the perfect environment to film a video about self-care… and so I did!

My third blogging goal was to create a 21 day self-love email challenge. I was super excited for this goal and therefore was gutted when I couldn’t find a simple way to host this email challenge. However I have written up all of the content needed and I think I will turn the 21-day self-love email challenge into a very long but brilliant blog post.


I love a self-care goal, and even though self-care doesn’t seem like much of a challenge, I believe if we didn’t schedule time for self-care then it can very easily be forgotten about.

  • Last February I had a luxurious goal of enjoying a spa weekend with my boyfriend. Which was very fitting with my 2018 self-care goal of treating myself once a month!

This goal, as easy as it sounds, actually changed a little bit. Basically, my boyfriend booked us a romantic weekend away in a Down Hall Hotel & Spa in Essex, however we made the mistake in thinking that guests were automatically given access to the spa. Sadly we was mistaken and there was no availability left at the spa that weekend. Initially I was pretty gutted, because I had been so excited to enjoy a spa weekend. Yet despite not having access to the spa we had the most fun, relaxing, and memorable weekend away! I then treated myself to a massage at my local spa the following weekend!

Personal growth

  • Ash and I moved into our very first home nearly a year ago now and we’ve just fitted a brand new kitchen. Now, I want to brush up on my culinary skills and learn some new meals.

I decided to order three meals from Hello Fresh, as this way I would be sent the exact ingredients and instructions on how to prep and cook the meals. I really enjoyed doing this and would definitely order from Hello Fresh again!


  • Last month I had a personal training (PT) session at the gym, which to be honest I was really nervous for! Nonetheless, my health goal for February was to learn some new exercises from my PT session.

I workout a lot but I always workout alone so I don’t tend to push myself to my full potential. I also think the main reason why I was nervous was because I had a PT session about two years ago and I honestly felt like I was going to faint. Luckily I survived my second ever PT session and I learned some new exercises to practice and give me a better understanding of which exercises work best for specific areas.

March goals

How I Rock My Goals: March


Those Positive Thoughts now has it’s very own shop! Which I’m super proud of and excited about. So far I’ve created two products which I absolutely love. The first is the 2018 Year Planner and the second is the Happy Habits journal! I now want to set myself a difficult but exciting goal of creating my very first online course.

  • My goal for March is to write out the first draft of the course.


I would love to practice yoga more. Every so often I get into a routine of doing yoga every morning but the habit hasn’t quite stuck. This month I want to practice yoga every-single-day. To make this goal realistic I’m going to flexible with how long my practice is for, for example on busy days I may just do 20 minutes in the morning, while on a Sunday I can spend more time on the mat. I’m excited to see the benefits of doing this everyday for a month!

  • Practice yoga everyday.

Personal growth

This month I would like to re-read You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero. I loved the book the first time I read it but I feel like I need another dose of inspiration. Have you read any books lately which have inspired and motivated you? Please comment below!

  • Re-read You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero


Between 3-4 PM every workday I find myself walking to the cookie draw. It’s a habit which I’ve developed but not a very good one!

  • This month I would like to stop reaching for the cookie draw and start bringing some healthy snacks into work.

If you enjoyed this post please comment below and feel free to share your goals for the year or month! Plus stay tuned for next months review of my March goals and what my goals are for April!


  1. 06/03/2018 / 19:05

    I am such a fan of your blog! we have very similar goals and ways that we go about things! I have been doing yoga consistently since the beginning of the year, love jen sincero, and can’t wait for the next post!

    • 12/03/2018 / 14:18

      Hey Kaitlen, aww that’s so lovely to hear, thank you 🙂 It’s so nice to connect with others (especially bloggers) who have similar interests and goals! Heading over to your blog now!

  2. 07/03/2018 / 17:33

    You are absolutely right about having separate goals for different life aspects and paying attention to each one. The whole point of goals is to grow and to become better persons as a whole – and we could never be satisfied with our lives if we neglect some part of it. I’m giving you a virtual cheer to achieve all your goals! 😉

    • 12/03/2018 / 14:24

      Aww thanks for the virtual cheer 😀 I’ve been working on my goals this way for over a year now, separating them into different areas of my life and reviewing them every month. It’s been working really well for me, of course I have some months when I don’t always achieve my goals but I get back on them the following month! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  3. 08/03/2018 / 15:07

    This is a great way to go about goal setting. Just doing one thing in each area can improve your life so much. I’m with you on the health goal. I work from home a lot and it’s so easy to reach for cookies and crisps. Definitely need to stock up the pantry with healthier snacks. 🙂

    • 12/03/2018 / 16:17

      Thank you 🙂 I’ve been setting myself goals using this technique for over a year and it’s been working really well for me. I can make sure I’m growing in all areas of my life and stay on track with monthly reviews. Thanks for commenting

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