How I Rock My Goals: July

I’m feeling 22 25

This month is a special one, because this month I will be turning 25!

With my 25th birthday approaching I have been reflecting on the past year and my life in general. Basically I’ve been having the usual quarter life crisis. Asking myself questions like:

  • What have I achieved this year?
  • What do I want to happen in the next year?
  • Am I where I want to be in life?

With all these questions in mind, this month I feel even more determined to set goals and smash them!

Let’s get to it.

June Review


I would like to make my brand more unique and stand out amongst other blogs.  I believe a good way to do this is by taking my own photos instead of using stock images.

  • Take my own blog photos instead of using stock images

Done and will continue to do.


I mentioned in my June Goals that I had been getting a bit frustrated with myself as I was struggling to wake up early. Meaning I have no time for myself in the morning, instead I only have time to get ready for work. So I set myself a goal to be more disciplined with myself by waking up early and establishing a morning routine.

  • Create a morning routine and stick to it

I’ve half accomplished this goal. You see, I’ve been brilliant at waking up early (around 5:45 on weekdays!) but I haven’t established a morning routine. Some mornings I will read, some I will blog and others I will simply relax in the lounge with my breakfast before I need to get ready for work.

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Health & Fitness

I signed up for ANOTHER 10k run in June so my health and fitness goal was to stay on track with my training and to continue doing toning exercises.

Can I please just tell how PROUD I am of myself. For ages now I’ve wanted to run 10k in less than 1 hour and last Wednesday during a 10k race in Victoria park I got a personal best of 59 minutes 45 seconds! Woohoo!!


I went to Ibiza this month which meant my ‘fun’ goal is an easy one.

  • Have a brilliant time in Ibiza… and get a bit of a tan!

Ibiza was amazing… of course! (Photo below taken in ‘Me Ibiza’)

July Goals


I would like to get ahead of my blog posts this month as at the moment I write one new post a week. Not exactly organised!

  • Prepare blog posts to be one month ahead of schedule


As I’m turning 25 this month I want to write a bucket list of all the things I wish to achieve before my next birthday!

  • Write a bucket list for the year ahead

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Health & Fitness

I love running as I’ve just got a personal best I would like to keep up my training. I would also like to try to introduce exercise to my morning routine.

  • Continue to running and introduce toning exercises to my morning routine.

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As you may know I’ve just moved into my first home. The house needs ALOT of work but despite the mess I’ve arranged for my girls to come over for a BBQ this month. Lets pray that the weather is nice as my kitchen is practically non existent! Host an ace BBQ for my girlies

What are your July goals? Have you set yourself any monthly or yearly objectives?

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