How I Rock My Goals: June

Hello June

Hello to a new month, a new mindset, a new focus, new intentions and new results. May has been pretty busy for me as I moved into my first home, which is a bit of a fixer-upper. So me and my boyfriend Ash have been working hard to make it feel like home.

But life cannot be all work and no play, so here’s how I got on with my May goals.

The most important thing about goals is having one.

May Review


My May blogging goal was to use Twitter more to promote my blog, interact with other bloggers and share other bloggers posts.

  • Tweet/ promote ‘Those Positive Thoughts’ once a day
  • Re-tweet others bloggers posts once a day

I pretty much followed my goal. Even though I didn’t tweet every single day, I made up for it on other days. I finished the month with 514 followers, that’s 26 more than last month. I will definitely be keeping up my appearance on Twitter.


Last month I wrote a review about my new journal Questions For Life* by Jessica Walsh, a two year guided journal for international living. It’s the perfect journal for practicing self-care and reflecting on your journey.

I’m still loving my ‘Questions for Life’ journal, and it only takes a minute a day to complete.

Tell me some more sources for me and my journal!

Health & Fitness

With Summer approaching I decided that May would be a perfect month to work on some toning and strengthening exercises. I found a couple of quick exercises on YouTube by Fitness Blender, the first one which I love is a 10 minute abs workout and the second is a butt and thigh workout.

  • Practice toning and strengthening exercises

Done. I love these exercises so much that I will keep them as part or my regular exercise routine. They’re super quick but surprisingly difficult.


I have a picnic basket and a picnic blanket but I haven’t used these to have a picnic.

  • Have a romantic picnic with my boyfriend

This goal unfortunately did not happen! May was a ridiculously busy month for us as we moved into our new home and we spent most of our time doing D.I.Y. I think I will delay this goal for July or August, when we have some free time. For now, this photo sums up how I spent most of May…

June Goals


I use a lot of free stock images for my blog and while they’re beautiful photos which suit my blog, they don’t make ‘Those Positive Thoughts’ unique. I believe that by taking and using my own photos my brand will stand out more.

  • Take my own photos instead of using stock images on my blog


I’ve been getting a bit frustrated with myself lately as I’ve been struggling to wake up early. Meaning I have no time for myself in the morning, instead I only have time to get ready for work. This month I want to be more disciplined with myself by waking up early and establishing a morning routine.

  • Create a morning routine and stick to it

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Health & Fitness

I’ve signed up for another 10k run for the middle of June so I need to keep on track with my training. I would also like to continue doing the toning exercises which I found on YouTube: 10 minute abs workout and butt and thigh workout.

  • Train for a 10k run and continue with toning exercises


I’m going to Ibiza this month which means my ‘fun’ goal is an easy one.

  • Have a brilliant time in Ibiza… and get a bit of a tan!

What are your June goals? Have you set yourself any monthly or yearly objectives?

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    Good luck with your June goals ! Thanks for sharing!

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