How I Rock My Goals: May

How I Rocked My May Goals

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Hello May, hello new goals! As it’s the start of a new month it’s time to set some new SMART  goals. The reason why I am sharing my goals with you is because I believe that sharing our ideas and objectives with others will provide motivation and encouragement.

In this post I will review my April goals and share my May goals with you!

If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it.

May Goals and April Review


April Review


I love reading other peoples blogs and as a fellow blogger I believe I have a responsibility to encourage and praise others for the sharing their thoughts and creativity. That’s why my blogging goal for April was to comment on other peoples posts.

  • Comment on at least seven blogs per week

For me, Sundays are for relaxing and blogging! Which is when I found time complete this goal. On Sundays I like to browse tones of amazing blogs and comment on their inspiring posts. Bloggers put loads of effort, time and creativity into each post and usually all for free, simply because they love sharing their skills and ideas! So when I find posts which I love, I believe a comment is more than deserved.


Sometimes I can be too hard on myself. To practice some much needed emotional self-care one of my April goals was to write a list of all the things which I love about myself.

  •  Write a list of the things I love about myself (10 minimum)

This goal was difficult and took more thinking that I expected. You see, I can write a long list of all of the things which I love about my boyfriend, my family and my friends but when it comes to myself, I’m too critical. However, once I had thought of a couple things, more positive qualities started coming to me. I would highly recommend this goal to anyone who is in need of some emotional self-care.

Health & Fitness

After completing another 10k run in March I decided that this months health and fitness goal is going to be a bit more relaxing.

  • Practice yoga once a week (minimum)

I practiced yoga once a week, apart from the last week in April as I was busy moving house AND I had my short holiday to New York! I found yoga to be very relaxing but honestly, I prefer exercises which make my heart race like running and spin.


At the end of April me and my Nan jetted off to New York for a short break, so I think a suitable ‘fun’ goal would be to have an amazing and unforgettable holiday!

  • Have an unforgettable time in New York with my Nan

As of today (30/04/2017) we’re still here and having a great time. This goal was easily accomplished.

May Goals

May Goals and April Review


When I launched Those Positive Thoughts I also signed up to the various social accounts, including Twitter. Yet my appearance on Twitter is quite sporadic, so my May blogging goal is to use Twitter more to promote my blog, interact with other bloggers and share other bloggers posts. Currently I have 488 followers, I would be interested to see how much this number grows by the end of May.

  • Tweet/ promote “Those Positive Thoughts” once a day
  • Re-tweet others bloggers posts once a day


I’m super excited to receive my copy Questions For Life* by Jessica Walsh, a two year guided journal for international living. This journal is absolutely perfect for practising self-care and reflecting on your journey. Look out for my upcoming post on Sunday 14 May to see how I get on!

Tell me some more sources for me and my journal!

Health & Fitness

With Summer quickly approaching I think it’s time to get ‘beach ready’ and work on some toning and strengthening exercises! I’ve found a couple of great and quick exercises on YouTube by Fitness Blender. The first one I which I loved is a 10 minute abs workout and the second is a butt and thigh workout which was surprisingly difficult given it only takes five minutes! I would like to incorporate these workouts into my morning routine, but if that fails (i.e. if I hit the snooze button) I’ll make time in the evening.

  • Practice toning and strengthening exercises


I have a picnic basket and a picnic blanket but I haven’t used these to have a picnic! So as the weather is slowly getting warmer I would like to have a romantic picnic with my boyfriend. As I’m also moving house this month and have heaps of DIY to do, I think the perfect location may be our new garden! 🙂

  • Have a romantic picnic with my boyfriend

What are your May goals? Have you set yourself any monthly or yearly objectives?

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  1. 01/05/2017 / 09:33

    I love reading other peoples goals it gets me so inspired to write my own and work on myself. The SMART goals system has really helped me actually pick achievable goals which has motivated me to continue to work on them even after the first few weeks.

    Xx |

    • 05/05/2017 / 20:30

      Hi Alyssa 🙂 I’m so glad you found my goals inspiring! What goals have you set for yourself? xx

  2. 01/05/2017 / 22:25

    A good reminder to write it all out. I need to do all those same things as you and it seems overwhelming! Being specific and having a set time frame could be really helpful for me. Thanks!

    • 06/05/2017 / 11:53

      Hi Natalie 🙂 Writing out your goals and making them SMART will help you achieve the results you want. Good luck! x

  3. 04/05/2017 / 22:39

    Tweeting positive thoughts sounds like such a wonderful idea! And I totally love commenting on other blogs – I think it’s the best way to build a community, and to just get out there and see what other people are posting!

    Joanne |

    • 06/05/2017 / 11:55

      Hi Joanne 🙂 Thank you, I’m glad you like my goals! And I completely agree, commenting on other blogs is a great way to build a community x

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