6 Life Lessons My Mum Taught Me

I’m so grateful to have such a kind and loving mum. She’s always been there for me and has taught me so much. She is the reason I’ve grown up to be the positive, independent, and kind person I am today.

All of the times I’ve cried, you’ve made me feel better. Even through all of the teenage dramas, you’ve always been by my side. You’ve given me advice but you’ve also given me space to learn life lessons for myself. And somehow, with your magic power, you always knew when I was lying but you still loved me no matter what. You’re my best friend, you’re my heart, you’re my world and I’m so very grateful for everything you’ve done for me and everything you’ve taught me.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, today I’m sharing 6 life lessons my mum has taught me.

My ex was completely wrong for me

Whether it’s my mums intuition or her wisdom which explains her accurate judge of character, but she called this one from the start. She could see how he would hold me back in life and prevent me from reaching my full potential. Yet, even through the break ups and the make ups, she stayed by my side, offering me advice but letting me learn my own lessons. I discovered that this person was wrong for me and my mum was right all along, as soon after the break up I was able to blossom again. While my mum did not always agree with the relationship, I know she only wanted the best for me.

The importance of saving

Since I can remember my mum has always taught me and my older brother the value of money and the importance of saving. From a young age we would help out around the house to earn extra pocket money. I remember cleaning the outside of my parents car for £2.50 and then cleaning the inside of the car for an extra £2.50! By earning this extra pocket money instead of just being given it, I learned to appreciate what I had and to be wise with what I spend my money on. This lesson has truly stuck with me for life, it’s the reason why I was easily able to save to go travelling in Australia and why I was able to save up for a house deposit. This is a lesson which I will one day pass onto my own children.

Positivity is key

My mum always keeps her cool, no matter how tough things get. With her, the glass is always half full and she always see the positive side of things, no matter how unfair or stressful a situation is. Whenever I have come to my mum upset, in tears and even thinking that my world is falling apart, she has always turned things around. She helps me realise that things aren’t half as bad as I’m making them out to be and that having a positive mind is the key to happiness.

Independence in life is essential

My mum has always encouraged me to become independent. Growing up she would offer her support but always let me make my own decisions and find my own way. She would never-ever stop me from doing something but was always there to give her input and advice. When I was a young adult living at home, I wouldn’t rely on my mum to drive me to places or to provide me with money. I had a part-time job while at sixth form, I bought my very first car, a cheap Ford KA, and I I was able to be completely self-sufficient. This is a valuable lesson which will stay with me for life.

Follow your passion

My mum never tried to dictate my future, she didn’t tell me what subjects I should study or what career I should pursue. She let me follow my curiosity, and find my passion. She has always been supportive with my career decisions and no idea is too big. My mum will always believe in me which helps me to believe in myself.

Everything happens for a reason

There have been times when I could feel my world caving in, yet even during the lowest points of my life, my mum has always reassured me. She can see the light at the end of the tunnel before I can. She helps me believe that everything happens for a reason, even if I don’t understand what that reason is yet.

What lessons have your learned from your mother, father or relative? Share them in the comments below!

Laura x

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  • June

    Bursting with pride having read this week’s post by my wonderful daughter Laura.

  • Gabrielle

    Each of these 6 lessons reminded me of my mom. This is a great post. Love your blog. <3