The importance of stepping outside your comfort zone

The Importance Of Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Practise What You Preach

I speak on my blog about the importance of trying new things. How beneficial it is to step outside of our comfort zone in a way to develop our skills. I mean, how do we know what we like and dislike until we open up our mind to new experiences? Yet I can only inspire those around me if what I say matches what I do and if what I do ties up with my own values.

I’ve tried a good number of activities in the past such as Dance, French and a variety of different gym classes. Yet if I was to be perfectly honest, I was pretty certain that I was going to enjoy these activities. So how about the experiences which I’m not too sure about? If I’m going to highlight the significance of an open mind to others, then I should make sure I keep my own mind open to new experiences. Even those which I’m a little shy towards.


Don’t Touch my Hair!

One evening after work, in an attempt to practise what I preach, I joined my friend in a Krav Maga class. The class wasn’t quite what we expected. On our way there my friend said “it’s a shame that we won’t be getting our heart rate up much tonight”, boy were we wrong! After an intense warm up we were completely vulnerable and out of our comfort zone as we attempted some classic Krav Maga moves. It was an amazing eye opener to see how much practise and confidence is required. Although there were times when I could have happily sat out and watched, but where’s the story and adventure in that? I mean a little hair grabbing never hurt anyone right? The night ended with a couple of bruises and a sprained wrist on my friend’s part (not from me!) Needless to say we aren’t in a hurry to join again. We did however find the class extremely interesting and we picked up a couple of new techniques. Which hopefully won’t be forgotten too soon.

Feed Your Creativity

Opening our minds to new life experiences is more than trying new hobbies and finding out what you’re passionate about. It’s also about making mistakes and being vulnerable. Which in itself doesn’t sound very appealing but if we step out of our comfort zone and feed our creativity we will reap the rewards. Such as learning a new skill and increased confidence. Even though I didn’t discover any hidden talents during my night of Krav Maga, it was exciting to break out of my regular after work routine. By trying something new and different to my usual hobbies I was giving myself the opportunity to grow as a person. I met and worked with people who I would never have crossed paths with before. I was left feeling motivated and ready to attempt a new challenge and maybe just a little bit achy!

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