What I Learned From The Career Girl Academy

What I Learned From The Career Girl Academy

The Career Girl Academy

It took me a while to find out what my passion is but after trying many different hobbies, I ended up falling in love with blogging. Maybe I sound a little bit boastful, but I’m totally in love with my blog! When you find something which you’re passionate about, it’s hard to not to talk about it all the time. Friends and family listen and yes they’re interested but there’s nothing better than finding like-minded people who share your interests. You can bounce ideas off of each other and get excited by each others goals. You love what they do and they love what you do, it’s perfect! So when I found out that Career Girl Daily was hosting an event I just had to go.

What Is Career Girl Daily?

Career Girl Daily is an award winning online magazine for career-minded women. It’s the perfect place to go for career inspiration. Whether you are looking for business advice, interview techniques or beauty and fashion content. They’ve got it covered!

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”

The event was incredibly inspiring, packed with master classes and talks from successful entrepreneurs. I came home with even more passion and motivation for my blog. I took a lot away with me from The Career Girl Academy. Following the days schedule, here’s what I learned.

What I Learned From The Career Girl Academy

How to Adopt The Mind-Set of an Entrepreneur

The first talk was presented by Kelly Marks, the Co-founder of Pure PR. Kelly’s talk inspired me and the rest of the career girls to finally make things happen! She advised us how to find our calling and develop an idea (no matter how small) into an actual business. Kelly asked each of us to think about what makes us different to everyone else in our niche. After pondering over this question, I believe that the personal touches and examples within my content makes me unique. I completely agree with Kelly when she said that thinking too much causes doubt. We should stop thinking and start creating our business plan. She then gave us some quality tips on how to make things happen. These tips circle around the numbers six and three.

Six: At the beginning of every day, write down six things to do. These should be the most important things which you need to do that day. Doing this gives you mini celebrations throughout the day as you complete each task.

Three: Network. Network. Network: With three people every day. You never know where it may lead you.

I thoroughly enjoyed Kelly’s talk and will be taking on board her brilliant and inspiring advise!

How to Work Smarter Not Harder

The second talk was presented by Hollie Grant, the founder of the workout The Model Method and the owner of several Pilates studios in London. Hollie talked us through everything which led her to create a successful business and how she stays productive by working smarter not harder. She advised that it’s not about the mistakes that we may make, it’s about what we learn from it that matters most.

Hollie asked us to decide whether we are going to be offering something new to our audience, readers or buyers. Or something that’s current, but done better in our own unique way. The final thoughts from Hollies talk were simple, honest and encouraging. Always back yourself, stay true to your original message and remember your end goals.

How Successful People Handle Stress

The third talk was presented by Rosie Speight and Alice Mackintosh, the founders of EQUI London. An award winning health brand in luxury supplements. Alice is an Expert Nutrition Consultant and Rosie is a Business Entrepreneur, together they shared some tried and tested ways to reset your stress levels.

Alice and Rosie highlight the pressures which the modern day woman faces. The concept that we can have it all, family, career, social life, exercise regime and me time, can cause stress as we try to manage our time. They share with us some fantastic ways we can reduce our stress just through the type of food we fuel ourselves with. Examples they shared included, eat protein with every meal, cut out sugary breakfast and snacks. Always eat before your morning workout and drink green tea.

Rosie and Alice have a busy lifestyle and it’s important for them to manage any stress which may occur. They highlight some great lifestyle tips which can reduce our stress levels. One of the main ones which they spoke about was the importance of using affirmations. Other examples include, exercising 3-4 times a week and prioritise sleep. On a final note, accept that you can’t do it all.

How to Start Your Business From Scratch

The fourth talk was presented by Sally-Ann Stevens, the founder and CEO of B Public Relations. Sally-Ann revealed insider tricks to create a successful business and how to think like a business owner, before you’ve even launched. She highlighted the importance of valuing ourselves. We are our most important asset and we shouldn’t under sell ourselves.

She provided lots of great tips to create a successful business. One of which included a mentor. Support from family and friends is essential when you’re starting a business. Ask someone you respect and admire to be your mentor. This could be a friend or a family member, or maybe a colleague. Good people are vital from day one! Other tricks included, strong brand development and to never cut corners.

To finish, Sally-Ann introduces to us her friend and colleague, Chloe Watts, the founder of Chloe Digital. Chloe is web developer who started coding her own projects (without any formal training) at the age of sixteen! From her talk I could see how much passion she has for her career. She dreams big and then she makes those dreams a reality. It was incredibly inspiring to listen to such a driven and focused woman.

How to Turn Your Idea Into a Successful Online Business

The final talk was presented by the Career Girl Daily team. The girls shared their secrets behind running a popular online blog. They talked us through how we can turn our ideas into a successful online business. As a regular reader of The Career Girl Daily, I found their talk to be very encouraging. Hearing how they turned their ideas into a popular blogging business. Through their passion, hard work and determination. “Do it for you”, they motivated us to pursue our ideas and to belief in ourselves and our goals.

Books Suggestions:

(*asterisk denotes affiliate link)

During the day there were lots of book recommendations given from the speakers and the attendees. I’ve written them below and I will be adding to my ever so long reading list!

The Career Girl Academy was an amazing, fun and inspiring event to attend and I’m so happy that I went. I can’t wait for the next event!

Have you attended or plan to attend any blogging events? Can you recommend any (preferably in London)? I would love to hear from you!

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