How I used Pinterest to bring 200k+ pageviews to my blog in one month

Reach Your Target Audience

Step by step method I use to attract thousands of readers to my blog every single month using Pinterest.


We will be going in depth into how Pinterest works and how you can use this platform to attract thousands of people to your blog.


I've been creating content for my blog Those Positive Thoughts for almost two years now, and with the help of Pinterest I have been able to reach a huge audience. In 2018 I have received a high of 273k+ pageviews in one month and a low of 38k in another month (well, 37,951, I’m rounding up!). My point is, even during a month where I wasn’t active online, Pinterest continued to bring huge traffic to my blog. 


What's Inside The Book?

Chapter 1: Hello and welcome
Chapter 2: How Pinterest works
Chapter 3: Before we start, 6 key points
Chapter 4: Business profile
Chapter 5: Pinterest boards
Chapter 6: What makes a great pin?
Chapter 7: What are Rich Pins?
Chapter 8: SEO for Pinterest
Chapter 9: Group boards
Chapter 10: My Pinterest strategy
Chapter 11: Scheduled pins with Tailwind
Chapter 12: Manual pinning strategy
Chapter 13: Pinning Rich Pins
Chapter 14: Are number of followers important?
Chapter 15: Deleting pins
Chapter 16: Teach Pinterest about your pins
Chapter 17: Final thoughts

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