How To Create The Perfect Morning Routine

Mornings, sometimes I love them and other times I snooze my alarm and snuggle back into bed. While I do wish I could make every morning more meaningful. There is so much to be accomplished before the working day begins and the rest of the world wakes up.  Yet I find myself in a constant state of wanting to be productive and wanting to go back to sleep.

The other night I set my alarm to 6am, feeling ready to wake up early and work on my goals. The morning approached and my alarm sounded and what did I do? I snoozed and snoozed and snoozed some more. Until it reached 7am and it was time to get ready for work, my opportunity to have the perfect morning had vanished. I felt guilty and disappointed in myself but I understand that the reason why I couldn’t drag myself out of bed was because I didn’t have a plan! I hadn’t given myself a specific routine which makes me want to jump out of bed in the morning.

How To Create The Perfect Morning Routine

Recognise Your Values & Goals

Your perfect morning should be aligned with your values and goals. It should be a routine that makes you look forward to waking up every day.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is important to you?
  • What are your values?
  • How do you want to feel in the morning?
  • What are your goals?
  • What would you change about your morning today?

Think about your goals, are you working on achieving them or do time restraints and lack of energy restrict you? Maybe you need to set time aside every morning to work on your goals. Now think about your current morning routine, does it compliment your values?

The purpose of these questions is to get you thinking about how you can make your mornings more meaningful. This exercise can reveal your values and the things which are important to you. Ultimately giving you a better sense of how you want to spend your life.

Visualise Your Perfect Morning

Now you have a better understanding of what your values and goals are, you can start to visualise your perfect morning. For me, my perfect morning would be to wake up by the lights gradually turning on in my bedroom. No alarm needed. To wake up fully I would brush my teeth and have a glass of water to rehydrate. I would start my routine with a short yoga workout followed by toning exercises such as squats and push ups. Spending the rest of my time doing some writing for my blog with a green tea next to me. I imagine this whole routine would take me an hour.

The possibilities for your morning routine are endless. Personally, I would like to switch it up every week or so to keep things exciting and to make sure my routine is aligned with my values and goals.

Create Your Perfect Morning

Now it’s time to create your perfect morning routine. Like I mentioned earlier, if you don’t have a plan it can be difficult to drag yourself out of bed. So write down your routine and visualise how these habits are going to make you happier and benefit you. Do you need to prepare anything the night before? Such as laying your gym clothes out. Do you know which room in your home you will be doing your routine? Make sure its clean and remove all unnecessary distractions. You want to feel relaxed, after all you deserve the best morning!

Now it’s your turn! What does your perfect morning look like?

Laura x



  1. 27/02/2017 / 21:09

    Thank you for this post! Lately I have been thinking that I should change my morning routine to try and get more productive. 🙂

    • 28/02/2017 / 09:54

      You’ll feel great once you start your own morning routine 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

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