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10 things to do everyday to be more organised

Do you want to be more organised but not sure where to start? When life feels messy it’s easy to feel anxious and stressed, and the more stressed you become the less organised you feel! In this post, I’m sharing 10 things you can do every day to be more organised and ditch unnecessary stress.

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1. Do a brain dump

A quick and easy way to feel more organised is to do a brain dump. Start by writing down all of the thoughts and tasks taking up space in your mind. Keep adding tasks to your brain dump until you can’t think of anything else you want or need to do.

2. Write a to-do list

Writing a to-do list can help you focus on what’s important and prioritise what you need to get done. When your mind is full of things you need to do, it can be difficult to know what you need to do first and what requires your urgent attention. When you create a list and have it all laid out in front of you, it makes it a lot easier to prioritise things.

3. Put your to-do list in your calendar

By putting your to-do list in your calendar you can clearly see what your days look like. You’ll be able to see if you’re packing too much into one day or if you’re wasting time on things which aren’t important.

Start with your non-negotiable items such as work or school. Then schedule time for self-care, exercise and time to see friends and family. After all these appointments are on your calendar, add the remaining tasks from your to-do list. Don’t forget to give yourself plenty of time between each task so you don’t feel burned out at the end of the day.

4. Create routines

Create daily routines to stay organised and on top of things. Starting with your morning routine, how can you use your morning routine to stay more organised? Maybe you could wake up earlier? Maybe you could use your mornings to meal prep?

How about your evening routine? Is there anything you can do in the evening to prepare for the next day? Such as packing your bag, preparing your lunch and choosing your outfit. When creating a morning and an evening routine, decide what time you will start, how long it will take and what you will do during your routine.

5. Keep your space clutter-free

Feel and be more organised every day by cleaning and decluttering your space. When your space is clean and clutter-free your life and your mind will feel a lot less messy as well.

6. Make your bed

It might seem like a small accomplishment, but making your bed in the morning sets the tone for your entire day.  Even the most organised rooms look messy with an unmade bed, if your bed is made the rest of the room will look tidier and you will feel more organised.

7. Keep a grocery list in your kitchen

Something which is so simple but has made a huge difference to my day-to-day is keeping a grocery list in my kitchen. We bought a magnetic whiteboard which we’ve stuck to the side of our fridge, we use this to write down all the groceries we need to buy. As soon as we notice that we are getting low on anything, we add it to the board.

8. Plan your meals

I have to admit, I resisted meal planning for a long time, I preferred to just eat whatever I fancied at the time, but that didn’t always work in my favour. I wouldn’t usually have all the ingredients or I had to get the food out of the freezer in advance. Which usually resulted in a simple bowl of pasta for dinner or a takeaway. Meal planning for the week ahead or just a couple of days in advance, can make you feel more organised and save you from dashing to the shop last minute for ingredients.

9. Be Prepared for birthdays and specials occasions

Have a look at your calendar to see whose birthday is coming up. Make a list of all the birthday cards you need to buy for the month ahead. It’s best to include the first week of the following month too, just in case someone’s birthday is on the first! You can also do this if you plan on buying birthday gifts too. Next time you’re out shopping you can pick up everything you need and avoid those embarrassing belated birthday wishes.

10. Know what works for you

What works best for you, using your phone as a calendar or using a diary to keep track of your schedule? Do you feel more energised in the morning or the evening? Do you prefer to tidy as you go about your day or do you prefer to set time aside each day?

To be more organised every day you need to create habits, and the best way to do that is to first do what works for you and your lifestyle. Otherwise, you will quickly revert to old habits and feel unorganised.


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  • Rahul Dubey

    As I often feel exhausted at the end of the day. And the next morning waking up with a bad mood spoils the whole day.
    So being more organized and and cleaning clutters helps a lot!

    Thanks for sharing, this was really helpful!