Plan with me: January goals 2020

Are you feeling excited for 2020? I love the start of a New Year, even though any time is a good time for a change, there is something magical about the start of a New Year. I love the fresh start, the goal setting, the planning, the motivation and the inspiration.

But one thing which I’ve done in the past (which I’m not doing this year) is set myself impossible goals. When I’ve set myself impossible goals I’ve felt like a failure when I didn’t achieve them. Even though the point of an impossible goal is to try harder than you usually would. To reach for the stars even if you was aiming for the moon, but I usually felt bad about myself for not achieving my goals…

But this year I want to do things differently. I want my goals to keep me motivated, to help me stay positive and to help me blossom into the person I want to be.

In 2020 I’m going to focus on monthly goals…

  • Plan: Focus on what’s important
  • Goals: Set goals at the start of every month
  • Vision: Be creative and visualise the month ahead
  • Habits: Use a habit tracker to stay on track
  • Bucket list: Create a collection of monthly dreams
  • Reflect: Pause and reflect at the end of each month

If you want to join me and set yourself monthly goals, create monthly plans and blossom into the person you want to be. Then pick up your copy of the Positivity Planner here.

January goals and plan


Focus goal: My focus goal for January is to promote the Positivity Planner. January is when many of us are feeling motivated, inspired and will start setting goals and creating plans. The Positivity Planner can guide so many people towards a life they love therefore this month I will focus on getting the Positivity Planner in front of more people.

Well-being: I joined the gym last month and even though it’s too soon to notice a difference in my body shape, I instantly felt better mentally. This month I want to workout at the gym four times a week. 

Happiness: Last month I painted our spare room. This month I’m excited to put the finishing touches on the room. Which means finding furniture and pretty decor for the room. I think I might also frame one my plant doodles (like this one).

More: Self belief  “It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.”

Less: Wasting time and procrastinating. 



Creating a monthly vision board is a great way to visualise your goals and get an extra boost of motivation. My vision board closely reflects my planning notes above. If you’re not keen on drawing, then you can you can fill your vision board up with inspiring words and quotes or stick in images from magazines or from Pinterest.


Creating new habits for yourself can introduce more positivity into your day-to-day and a great way to keep track of your habits is by using a habit tracker. This month I want to focus on two new habits. As it’s December and there tends to be a lot happening near Christmas, I don’t want to feel overwhelmed by giving myself too many habits and goals to focus on. 

  • Read every night before bed (same habit as last month)
  • Workout four times a week (same habit as last month)
  • Post on TPT Instagram everyday

Bucket list

Most bucket lists are created at the start of a New Year, but most bucket lists get forgotten about. That’s why I encourage you to write a monthly bucket list. A monthly list means you’re more likely to achieve everything on your list, it also means you will include smaller goals that you want to achieve. Here is my bucket list for December.

  1. Buy blinds/curtains for the spare room
  2. Learn a new soup recipe
  3. Date night with Ash
  4. Dinner date with mum
  5. Grow my Instagram account to 2700 (+150)
  6. Create a YouTube video about my houseplants
  7. Create a video about the Positivity Planner
  8. Go off-roading with Ash
  9. Workout four times a week
  10. Practise calligraphy

Are you going to join my monthly personal growth and goal setting updates? Comment below with what your focus/goal is this month?

Laura x



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