16 Organisation Ideas For a Clutter Free Home

If you’re in need of some home organisation tips then look no further! Below are 16 tips to help you organise your home and declutter your space.

Make cleaning up easy

Make cleaning up easy by making it a one handed task. If it’s something which you use regularly then don’t hide it in the back of your wardrobe, keep it somewhere easy to get out and put away. For example my laundry basket is in the corner of my bedroom, which makes it easy to get changed and put dirty clothes in the basket. I store bed sheets in the ottoman at the end of my bed which makes changing my bed much quicker.

Use clear storage boxes

We used to use cardboard boxes to store things away, as we’re doing a lot of DIY in our house we’re constantly moving items from room to room. Even though using cardboard boxes saved us a little bit of money, it was not practical. We were always forgetting where things where and we had to rummage through all of the boxes to find things. We did start off by labelling the boxes but as we’re doing a lot of DIY, naturally things got moved around.

We then invested a little bit of money in some clear storage boxes and it has made a huge difference. First of all we’re able to find things quicker. Secondly we can stack the boxes on top of each other, and lastly the clear storage boxes look neater and more organised.

Put your plants on a stand

Put your plants on plant stands to make your space feel less cluttered. I have two plants in stands, the first one is my snake plant, I think it looks even more beautiful with the extra height from the stand. I also have my spider plant in a stand as it stops the leaves falling on the floor and looking messy.

Home Organisation Tips

Use a moss pole to support house plants

Another organisation tip for plant lovers is to use a moss pole to support large out of control house plants. I have used a moss pole to support my Monstera also known as a Swiss Cheese Plant. Without a moss pole some plants can grow out of control and can take up a lot of space.

Home Organisation tips

Hide your shoes

I recently swapped my shoe storage to this beautiful but budget friendly shoe cabinet. Hiding the shoes in this cabinet has made a huge difference, the entrance area now looks a lot more organised and less cluttered. Previously we used e a three tier shoe rack, and while it done the job, it made the area appear more cluttered.

Keep your drawers organised

Keep your drawers organised with a simple and budget friendly drawer organiser. There are so many different types of desk organisers to choose from. We are currently decorating our office and I soon hope to have some photos to share with you of my own drawer organisers.

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Hang Pots, Pans and Lids

If you’re like me and have a limited space in your kitchen then a good way to save storage is by hanging your pots, pans and lids. We have used commands hooks to organise our pot lids, it’s such a simple idea but it keeps our pots and pans drawer very neat and tidy.

Home Organisation tips

Give your remotes a home

Another simple home organisation tip which can reduce clutter is by giving your remote controls a home. Having remote controls scattered around the living room can make your space feel messy. A simple solution is to buy a remote control holder to keep all remotes together.

Home Organisation tips

Keep messy areas tidy

Under the sink is a common area in homes to become messy as it has limited space and awkward storage, but I recently had a little Spring clean and organised all our cleaning products which we stored here. I’m so happy with how it looks now, compared to the mess it was before. Now I can actually see what products I have and products I’m running low on. It’s such a simple thing to do but it makes a  difference in the organisation of your home. I used a cheap two tier basket to store cloths, sponges and rubber gloves.

Store food in clear containers

Another good home organisation tip is to store food such as coffee, cereal, nuts, pasta and other dry foods and ingredients in clear food containers. This means you can recycle their original packaging and display your clear jars and containers in the kitchen without it looking messy. I always pour our cereal into clear tubs, it think it looks much more organised and makes our cupboards look less cluttered.

Home Organisation Tips

Hang bin bags inside kitchen cupboards

Sometimes we make really small changes in the house and I can’t believe how much of a difference it makes! Recently we used command hooks to hang kitchen bin bags inside a cupboard door. It such a simple trick but it makes our kitchen draw look tidy, and it’s much easier to pull out a new bin bag.

Home Organisation Tips

Hang your mops and brooms

I haven’t done this… yet. But as soon as I saw the idea, I also decided that I want to do something similar in my shed to hang up my garden tools.

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Home Organisation

Hats = wall art

I’ve seen the idea on Instagram and Pinterest and I absolutely love it. The idea of using your hats as wall art is genius, because not only does it look cool, it saves a lot of space. I’m even tempted to buy some hats just so I can join in on this trend!

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Hang your scarfs on one hanger

If you’re low on storage, a great home organisation tip is to hang your scarfs on one hanger. You can also use these multiple ring hangers  to hang to belts.

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Blanket storage

If you’re like me and you love a cosy night at home in front of Netflix, then having blankets near by is a must. This is my best friends coffee table and I absolutely love it! I used to store my blankets in the ottoman in my bedroom, which seems far away when you’re cosy in front of the TV. I now store mine in a basket in our living room, but I just had to show the image of my friends coffee table as I prefer her storage method!

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Home Organisation

Stackable bowls

Without these stackable bowls, our kitchen cupboard would be looking very messy right now! I absolutely love these colourful stackable bowls because they look great, they take up little space in our small kitchen and they include all the essential bowls one would need when cooking.

Do you have any tip for keeping your home organised? Comment below!

Laura x

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  • June

    Love your ideas and the plants ?

  • Sabrina | The Budding Optimist

    I just bought a swiss cheese plant and you’re right, it’s getting out of control! I’ll need to look into that moss pole, such a great idea!

    When we moved into our new condo we got a shoe cabinet from Ikea and I tell you, it made all the difference in our entryway. No more clutter! And I completely agree with the clear storage bin idea. I’ve been using that method for a while and it’s a lifesaver.

    • Those Positive Thoughts
      > Sabrina | The Budding Optimist

      They grow so quickly and so big! They’re beautiful but unless you have a huge area for it, you definitely need a moss pole. Yes I completely agree, the shoe cabinet removed all the clutter, especially as we have a small entryway. x