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How to Plan Your Week Like A Boss

To make the most out of the week ahead and to remove any unnecessary stress you must plan your week around the things which are important to you.

Otherwise, it’s easy to let life pass you by as you do the same routine day in and day-out. You deserve to have a fulfilling and meaningful life and when you plan your week in advance you’re able to make time for the things in life which you value most.

plan your week

Choose a day

Choose a day when you will sit down for 10-15 minutes and update your calendar and planner for the upcoming week. Try to do it on the same day and time (if you can) every week, as this will help form a habit. I always prefer to review my calendar on a Sunday, Sunday tends to be a good day to plan your week as it’s a sort of “get your life together” kind of day. Put yourself in a relaxed mindset by putting on your comfy clothes, listening to your favourite music, grabbing a warm or refreshing drink and opening up your calendar. The idea behind this is to remove any unnecessary stress while you plan your week ahead.

Add your non-negotiables

We all have non-negotiable tasks which we have to do, whether this be work, studies, looking after a relative or taking the kids to school. As these items are non-negotiable, it’s best to add them to your calendar first, so you can clearly see how much time you have left for the things which are important to you. Remember to block time before and after tasks for unexpected things, such as traffic, a cancelled train or having to drive back home to pick up your kid’s lunch box!

Write down appointments

Write down any deadlines you have or appointments you need to make such as booking a dentist appointment or returning an item you no longer want. While these may not seem critical, they sure can cause unnecessary stress when you can’t book the appointment time you wanted or when you’ve missed the returns by date.  You can either add these to your calendar or set yourself a reminder for the week. Whatever works best for you!

Add your to-do list

Decide what chores need to be done this week, such as house chores, food shopping or maybe even DIY tasks around the house. Setting a time in the calendar to do these will mean you are much more likely to do them and you can see how much time you actually have each week to work on your to-do list.

Make time for self-care

The next step is to write down what’s most important to you and what you want to make time for every week. For example, calling your parents or a friend, having a date night with your spouse, cooking a family dinner every Sunday, working out four times a week or making time to work on your art or your business.

Add your goals to your calendar

Write down your goals, it doesn’t matter if they’re short-term or long-term goals or whether they are a New Year Resolution, a five-year plan or a 6-week goal. If you haven’t set yourself any goals then think about what you wish to achieve this month or year. Think about what inspires you and what motivates you. What do you think about every single day? What do you envision yourself doing in the future? Once you’ve thought of a goal, make a separate list of tasks which you need to do to reach this goal. It doesn’t matter if you only know the first step or two or even if your first step if to do research or invest in a course. Add these tasks to your calendar and make time for your goals and your self-development!

Managing your time

How does your calendar look? If it feels a bit busy then think about if there is any “dead time” in your day that you can utilise. Such as during your commute to work. If you’re sitting on the train for a while you could use this time to tick a few things off your list. Such as reading a book which you hope to finish by next week or writing blog post ideas (if you’re a fellow blogger).

Check your planner in the morning

Before you start your day review your planner, what are you going to accomplish today? Do you need to set yourself any reminders? Make this part of your morning routine.

Reflect in the evening

In the evenings, spend a couple of minutes reflecting on your day. Did you achieve everything you wanted? Could you of done more or do you need more time to relax?

Tips and tricks

  • Write a to-do list
  • Celebrate little achievements
  • Tick tasks off your list once complete
  • Be clear on what you want to accomplish
  • Set reminders on your phone or use post-it notes

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The Comments

  • Terri Wilson

    Great ideas. I try to do most of these, but there are some days when it just doesn’t happen.

  • Kate

    These are great tips! I tend to do a lot of these and it makes a huge difference.

  • Emily

    I love these tips! I’m a huge fan of creating lists and getting stuff done!

  • Janett at Lifestyle Inspire

    I loved this post! 🙂 Pinned <3 Reflect in the evening in something that I need to start doing.
    Thank you!

    • Those Positive Thoughts
      > Janett at Lifestyle Inspire

      Hi Janett! Oh thank you, I’m so glad you liked it and thanks for pinning! x

  • Melissa

    Thanks for the tips! I can’t live without a to-do list because I forget everything. But I always have hard time scheduling my time… I definitely have to get better on that!

    xx, Melissa

    • Those Positive Thoughts
      > Melissa

      Hi Melissa, I’m glad you liked it! I’ve visited your blog and I have to say its just beautiful, the layout and the photos are so lovely 🙂 x