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When I first started Those Positive Thoughts in 2016, I wrote a monthly blog posts sharing my goals. I loved sharing my goals because it kept me accountable and it inspired others. After a year of sharing my goals I stopped. I simply wanted to give myself more time to write and create different content. However as the New Year is approaching, I’ve decided to go back to my old habit and start sharing my monthly goals again.

I’ve had a think about the best way to share my goals with you, a way which will benefit both you and I. Which will create accountability, motivation, inspiration but will also create a sense of community.

I decided the best way to do this is to create a Facebook community. A place for positive minds to connect and share with each other.

I’ve always been a big believer in setting goals, I love having something positive to focus my time and energy on. The only thing which I need to remind myself when setting goals, is to not be so hard on myself when something doesn’t go as planned. Sometimes we don’t achieve the goal we set out to achieve, but by trying we grow in other ways.

In this post I’m going to share my goals for December 2019. At the end of the month I will update this post with my monthly reflection, letting you know what went well and what I want to improve.

P.S I’m using the Positivity Planner to stay on track with my monthly goals. You can grab your copy here.

Personal growth and goals update Dec


Focus goal: My focus goal for December is to create and publish my second planner. This was a project I was going to focus on early next year. However I had so much fun creating the Positivity Planner, I don’t see any reason to wait. I feel motivated, I feel inspired and it would be a great idea to publish before Christmas.

My second planner is going to be a plant planner, to help you plan, care and track your plants. If you didn’t already know, i’m a bit of a plant lady, and if you follow my second Instagram account, you’ll see my ever growing collection on house plants. Now with that said, I think this will be a tight deadline as it took me two months to create the Positivity Planner, I’ll let you know next month how I get on.

Well-being: December tends to be the month when many of us indulge. Which I completely understand, it’s a festive month and we’re all busy catching up with friends, family and enjoying ourselves. However when I indulge too much and don’t exercise regularly, I feel sluggish, I don’t feel good about myself and it effects my well being. This month I want to find balance, I want to enjoy myself but also find time to look after to my body.

Happiness: What will bring me happiness this month? Spending time with my family during the festive season. 

More of: More homemade soups. Since the weather turned colder, I have been keen to make my own soups. I really enjoy a good soup and this month I’m going to make more of them and experiment with different recipes. 

Less of: Less spending. Now this might sound like a difficult goal with Christmas round the corner. But my fiance and I have a big year coming up, in 2020 we’re going to be getting married and enjoying our honeymoon. We’re also doing a lot of work on the house. Therefore, this Christmas we’re going to be spending less money than usual. Less presents and fewer nights out, but the same amount of time seeing our loved ones. Christmas doesn’t need to be all about gift giving, we can show people how much we love them without breaking the bank. 

December Goals 1


Creating a monthly vision board is a great way to visualise your goals and get an extra boost of motivation. My vision board closely reflects my planning notes above. With a few plant doodles. If you’re not keen on drawing, then you can you can fill your vision board up with inspiring words and quotes or stick in images from magazines or from Pinterest.

December Goals 2


Creating new habits for yourself can introduce more positivity into your day-to-day and a great way to keep track of your habits is by using a habit tracker. This month I want to focus on two new habits. As it’s December and there tends to be a lot happening near Christmas, I don’t want to feel overwhelmed by giving myself too many habits and goals to focus on. 

  1. Exercise four times a week
  2. Read every night before bed (currently reading This is going to hurt*)

Bucket list

Most bucket lists are created at the start of a New Year, but most bucket lists get forgotten about. That’s why I encourage you to write a monthly bucket list. A monthly list means you’re more likely to achieve everything on your list, it also means you will include smaller goals that you want to achieve. Here is my bucket list for December.

  1. Learn a new soup recipe
  2. Host a family dinner
  3. Dinner date with my mum
  4. Create and publish a second planner
  5. Grow my Plant Instagram account to 800 followers (currently on 468)
  6. Create a video about the Positivity Planner
  7. Decorate the spare room
  8.  Finish reading one book 
  9.  Draw and frame my own doodle (like this one)
  10. Have a merry Christmas!

December Goals 3


Added 3rd January 2020: 

What well went? Exercise: I joined the gym and made more of an effort towards the middle and end of December to workout more. Even though my body looks the same, I feel better mentally.

What did I prioritise? My well-being: I slowed down in December and prioritised self-care, downtime and relaxing.

What am I proud of? The Positiviity Planner: I’m proud of my success creating and selling the Positivity Planner. This has been the most successful product I’ve created and it’s given me more clarity for my future.

What can I improve? Keeping myself accountable: This month I planned on creating my second planner but after making these plans my prioritises changed. I need to work on keeping myself accountable and sticking to my plans.

What am I grateful for? I’m grateful for my friends and family who supported me and the Positivity Planner.

Are you going to join my monthly personal growth and goal setting updates? Comment below with what your focus/goal is this month?

Laura x


  1. June Beeson
    03/12/2019 / 18:11

    Slow down so I’m not worn out when it’s Christmas 😴

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