10 Life Lessons I’ve Learned In My Twenties

As I journey through my twenties I can see just how much I’ve grown as a person. I believe as we get older we learn from our past mistakes and become more grateful for the lessons and opportunities life has provided. With every year that goes by we are able to self-reflect and better ourselves. I have no doubt in my mind that I still have many more lessons to learn but for now here are ten life lessons I’ve learned so far in my twenties.

Be Healthy

Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle.

You know this already, but you only get one body and our twenties is the best time to be healthy. By forming healthy habits in your twenties it’s more likely that you will continue these habits as you get older. The longer we wait to live a healthy life, the slower our metabolism will become and being active will require much more effort. Of course there are times when I just don’t feel like exercising but once I do feel so much better for it!

Just Do it!

Dream it, plan it, create it.

When I was young I thought life as an adult would be easy. I thought I would just get my dream job and simply buy my dream home. Unfortunately being an adult is a lot harder than I once thought. Most of our desires aren’t easy to accomplish but if they were then they wouldn’t be much of a dream, would they? So stop day dreaming and just do it! Turn your dreams into a plan and live the life you so badly want.

Save and Budget Your Money

It’s not really what you have, but how you manage what you have.

I’ve just bought my first home but believe me, it wasn’t easy. It took years and years of saving, many cheap nights at home and much restraint to not buy new clothes and pretty decor wish I suppose I didn’t really need. Yet it was all completely worth it. By saving my money and managing my budget I was able to not only buy my first home but I also feel unbelievably proud of myself. I believe taking care of our own finances and future is one of the most important life lessons to learn.

Be You, Not Them

Always be yourself everyone else is already taken.

Are you guilty of comparing yourself to others? Do you rate yourself based on what your friends are doing? Comparing your life to his or hers will thieve the fulfilment from your own achievements. I know it’s not easy to not compare yourself and your life to others, especially when other peoples life’s are all over our social media. Yet there is only one you and you are unique. Life isn’t a competition, so stay focused on your own journey and celebrate your own achievements.

Family is Everything

The trouble is, you think you have time. – Buddah

Time is the most valuable thing you will ever own so spend it wisely. When I was a younger I was too busy growing up to realise that my family are growing older too. Now, after losing someone who I loved dearly, I’m truly aware of the importance of family and making time for them. I wish to create as many wonderful memories as possible so I can look back on time with no regrets.

Learn from Constructive Criticism

If you’re not open to constructive criticism then you’re not open to growing as a person.

This is a life lesson which I’m still working on, but considering I used to take all constructive criticism to heart, I believe I’ve come pretty far. I’ve come to realise that by doing this I was rejecting the idea of self-improvement, I didn’t realise that I was being given free advice on how to develop my skills. Now, with my new found discovery, I’ve began to ask for feedback, this can be scary but doing so will allow you to truly grow as a person.

Love Yourself First

Love yourself first and everything else will fall into place. – Lucille Ball

Sometimes you really have to love yourself to get anything done. Self-care is vital to our health and well-being, it’s all about finding something which you can carry out on a regular basis to reduce stress and help you relax and unwind from the daily pressures of life.

Don’t Settle for Less

I know what I bring to the table, so trust me when I say I’m not afraid to eat alone.

Have you settled for less than you deserve? Did you know that if you don’t say anything then nothing will change? Don’t settle for less than you deserve, don’t sacrifice your own wants and desires for someone else’s benefit. Learning how to respectfully stand up for yourself will lead you to the life you desire.

Memories Over Material

The best thing about memories is making them.

Choose memories over material because memories will stay with you forever. I’ve found that I’m much happier spending my money on experiences such as holidays and days out. Especially when it comes to birthdays and Christmas time, I love receiving and giving experience gifts.

Try New Things

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

When was the last time you tried something new? I’ve always found it rather scary to step outside my comfort zone, yet I’m glad every time I do take the leap. Of course, there are times when I try something new which just does not work for me, like ordering something different on the menu! But if you never try you will never know. Open your mind to new experiences and you will forever be keen to try more, do more and be more.

What life lessons have you learned so far? I would love to hear from you!

Laura x


  1. 14/05/2017 / 22:52

    Ah I love this post, saving money really is important.. I feel like most people my age just forget that! I am so glad I found your blog by the way, I love finding new blogs like yours to read! x


  2. 15/05/2017 / 22:43

    Great suggestions! I already see myself doing some of these things in everyday life. I especially like the one that you should be you and not them.

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