12 Experts Share One Positive Change That’s Had The Biggest Impact

Sometimes it takes just one positive change to make a big impact in your life. This change will differ from person to person as everyone’s  journey is different and everyone’s experiences are the result of many different influences.  Whether you find yourself stuck in a rut, unable to stay motivated or going through a rough time, making a positive change is something which you’re going to need to do to feel happy and positive again.

To give you the very best advice on how to live your best life, I have to asked for a little help from my friends. Over the past few weeks I have reached out to personal development experts and it is with pleasure to share with you this collection of advice. I have asked 12 experts “what is one positive change you’ve made in your life that’s had the biggest impact?” Here is their response.

12 Experts Share One Positive Change That's Had The Biggest Impact


What is one positive change you’ve made in your life that’s had the biggest impact?


Experts Share One Life Change That's Had The Biggest Impact

Sarah from Mindful Productivity Blog

“One of the biggest changes I’ve made in the past year that’s positively impacted my life is starting my morning on my terms by deciding what I allow into my mind and my surroundings. This can be tricky with a very demanding bulldog but ultimately I’ve found that there are a few key components to set the tone of the day to create positive and productive momentum. This involves swapping the habit of grabbing my phone first thing in the morning to grabbing my journal and spending some time free writing. This process gives me the opportunity to prioritise my own thoughts and priorities for the day instead of opening the floodgates of my inbox and social feeds. Instead of shoving tons of information, perspectives, and other urgencies into my brain from others, I am holding space to check in with myself each morning. By creating this focus, I am able to choose how the day unfolds in a more powerful way instead of reacting to the day from the moment it starts. Doing this has led me to drink a daily green smoothie, get outside for early morning walks, and feel accomplished with my day before the work period officially starts.”
Sarah from Mindful Productivity Blog, helps you create more daily energy by giving you strategies to organise the behind the scene elements of your life.

Experts Share One Life Change That's Had The Biggest Impact

Melina from Well Wild World

“Mindfulness and meditation have truly change my life. Through learning about mindfulness and meditation, I have become much more able to turn inward and listen to my own wisdom as well as pause before automatically reacting. It’s helped me re-frame thoughts and pull myself out of anxiety spirals. I highly recommend mindfulness and meditation to anyone looking to make a significant change in their life!”

Well Wild World is a must read blog for all things related to personal growth, self-love, and well being – body, mind + soul.


Experts Share One Life Change That's Had The Biggest Impact

Jade from Girl Untitled

“I can honestly say that the one positive change that has made a huge impact on my life is practising mindfulness! Before I learned I could monitor and even change my perspective and thoughts, I was a prisoner in my own mind. I was easily anxious and depressed, captivated by the upsetting thoughts that I’d ruminate on. Now I’m able to identify when my thoughts are irrational and creating my own unhappiness – and then I re-frame them to be more positive (or at least constructive) and uplifting. Mindfulness is the most empowering practice that I will always recommend trying!”

Girl Untitled is dedicated to helping you create your most fulfilling life through mindfulness, healthy habits, and self love. Check out her post on five ways to stop sabotaging your own happiness.


Experts Share One Life Change That's Had The Biggest Impact

Sabrina from Budding Optimist

“The one change I made in my life that has had the biggest impact is I started to exercise regularly. I used to hate exercising as a child and would come up with all sorts of excuses to get out of physical education classes. I only started exercising reluctantly as part of my recovery routine after being diagnosed with blood cancer at age 19. Seeing that I was borderline depressed and physically weak after chemotherapy, my doctors encouraged me to start walking. At first, I could only do short and slow walks. I gradually improved from there and my 15-minute walks turned into 30-minute walks, and then hour-long walks. Eventually, I started swimming, working out at the gym, taking Zumba classes, hiking, and more.”

“Due to the effects of my cancer treatments, I now have a lung condition where my lungs function just at 60% compared to other people my age. Despite this condition, I exercise regularly because cardio exercise is extremely beneficial for maintaining lung function. My lung function has been keeping steady since this diagnosis almost 3 years ago and I don’t require any medication. I credit how well I’m doing to my regular exercise routine.  I hope my story will encourage others to exercise regularly, even if you don’t have a full 30 minutes a day to exercise, try to incorporate it into your daily life. Start small and gradually improve from there. That’s how I started. I’ve been cancer free for almost 10 years now and I truly believe I wouldn’t still be here today if I didn’t start taking those walks!”

Sabrina recently created an e-guide to help people set and stick to their goals using the “marginal gains” method. Get the guide here.
Experts Share One Life Change That's Had The Biggest Impact

Kim from Kim Banwell 

“I was a high school drop out in 2010, I was left feeling confused and lost about where my life was heading. I ended up doing things for the sake of looking busy and looking like I had my life together. I had no ambitions, dreams or plans for the future. I was living life the way people wanted me to live it and I thought I had the answers. Until I woke up one day and I realised I didn’t want to feel that way or do it anymore. I knew I had more potential and more worth. I decided to follow my passion of helping people, which led me to studying my Bachelor of Psychological Science and last year I created my blog to help people make positive change in their lives. This exact path has defined who I am and where I am today. Trust your journey.”
Kim is a mental health and personal growth blogger with a love for helping others live to their full potential and be the best version of themselves. She has created an interview series called Unmasking The Stigma, to help eliminate the stigma associated with mental health. You can check out the series here.


Kendra from Adjusting to Adulthood

“One positive change I made in my life that has made a positive impact is practising gratitude. I started to take time everyday to focus on at least one thing I am grateful for in my life. This completely changed my mindset over time and has helped me focus on all the positives in my life. I have become more appreciative of what I have in life already. Practising gratitude has allowed me to move away from always feeling like I need more or thinking “I’ll be happy when I ….”. The simple act of reflecting on what I am grateful for for 5 minutes a day has improved my overall happiness in a big way.”
Kendra started Adjusting to Adulthood in 2016 as a way to share her journey with others in hopes that she can inspire others to start their own self improvement journey. 
Experts Share One Life Change That's Had The Biggest Impact

“The biggest and most positive change I’ve ever made was moving to Australia ten years ago from Northern Ireland. When we went to Australia on holiday, my brother and I were asked what we thought of it and if we would like to move. I was 14 at the time, and even then it was obvious that our prospects were bleak in Northern Ireland. Moving to Australia allowed us to have a fresh start, meet people from all walks of life, live a healthier lifestyle and access opportunities that we couldn’t even have imagined back home.”

Empowered Millennial aims to solve the everyday problems of modern women and empower them with the knowledge and support they need to live their best life.


Experts Share One Life Change That's Had The Biggest Impact

Kelly from Kelly Potts

“My whole life changed for the better when I decided to start coaching myself! Getting into this mindset is what really allowed me to start holding myself accountable – and it’s what I attribute to finally nailing down awesome routines, hitting my monthly goals and working on my wellness. Allowing myself to step into the role of self-coaching has definitely been the biggest positive change for me!”

Kelly’s mission is to help you design a balanced life, one that motivates and inspires you to accomplish your goals while attaining wellness and pursuing your passions. Kelly has created a self coaching method which you can download here!


experts Share One Positive Change That's Had The Biggest Impact

Sarah from Mindful Minimal Me

“Social media puts pressure on ourselves to be perfect and leads to unnecessary comparison. Every day that I can go without it, it gives me more time to focus on tasks that matter. So, on Sunday’s I no longer look at any social media. It has had such a huge impact on my weekend and gives me that day to fully focus on myself and self-care activities. I know I’m probably not alone in feeling like we need to be accessible 100% of the time and that’s just not necessary. It is okay to take days to yourself for your mental health!”

Sarah believes in living a life that is more mindful of the thoughts we think, the food we eat, and the products we use. Check out her post on why a social media cleanse is essential to your mental health.


Kimberly from Millennial Life Admin

experts Share One Positive Change That's Had The Biggest Impact

“Journaling and writing in general. I started journaling when I was about 10 and it became my emotional release. Not only would I calm down faster, but I would also rationalise situations better. Truthfully, sometimes I was just acting/feeling really selfish and writing it down forced me to confront my flaws. In my early twenties, I also started to write down everything I spent money on. This habit allowed me to take control of my finances, graduate with no debt, travel the world for 5 years, and then buy my own apartment. Recently I started a gratitude journal and because I’m trying to retain my fluency in French, I write it in French. Writing is a powerful tool and it is so easy to get started (bonus: cute notebooks are involved)”

Kimberly blogs about all things adulting. From personal finance to career, to cooking and purchasing a home. Her blog, Millennial Life Admin, will help break down those everyday tasks of growing up. Check out her post on 5 simple steps to create a budget!


Experts Share One Life Change That's Had The Biggest Impact

Briana from Learning To Be Free

“One positive change that I made in my life that made a huge impact was admitting to myself that the life that I was currently leading wasn’t making me happy.  While I was satisfied with the way my life was going, I wasn’t doing the things that I really wanted to do, like travelling to different countries or building up the courage to love the people that I wanted to love.  Once I admitted that I took my life into my own hands and started taking steps to live my life for me.  Hence, why I started Learning To Be Free. I wanted to chronicle my own journey to self-discovery, (which is a never-ending process!), and help others do the same.”
On her blog, Briana shares her experiences, tips and resources about careers and education, mental health and wellness, and everything in between!
experts Share One Positive Change That's Had The Biggest Impact

Erica from Swimming Upstream

“The one positive change I’ve made in my life that has made a huge and positive impact is journaling. I started journaling with intention around three years ago. What I mean by this is that I journaled to give gratitude, to release doubts, to get to know myself better and to de-clutter my mind. The moments I have writing when it’s just me and a blank page has become a sacred routine.The impact it has made is I feel more creative, more grounded and it brings so much clarity to my life.”

Eric’s intention for Swimming Upstream,  is to inspire growth, encourage change, self-improvement and positivity in our lives. She shares things and ideas that excite her and have changed her life for the better. You will love her post on why journaling can change you!

What is one positive change that you’ve made in your life that’s has the biggest impact?

Laura x

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