Happy Habits Workbook (digital)




Imagine if you felt motivated and organised every-single-day.

If you could wake up early and find time to read, journal, exercise and make time for self-care. If you could stop holding yourself back from reaching your full potential.

Well, you can!

Inside Happy Habits

Happy Habits is 41-page downloadable PDF. No item will be shipped.

• Hello and welcome
• Understanding habits
• Habit patterns
• Framework
• Triggers
• Reward
• My habits
• Well-being
• Relationships
• Career
• Finance
• Personal Growth
• Productivity
• Focus
• Monthly reflection (Jan – Dec)
• Habit Tracker

Why I created the Happy Habits Journal

Since I started blogging over a year ago I’ve had to swap some bad habits for some healthy ones. The main habit being, to wake up earlier, 2 hours earlier that is!

As I’m working full time, trying to keep a social life, wanting to spend time with my boyfriend, keen to get fit for the summer, renovating my home and I’m very passionate to grow my blog, I had to find more hours in the day, and the best time to do that was to wake up earlier and finally stop snoozing!

However, snoozing and waking up late were both very bad habits of mine. I could sometimes snooze for a full hour, to the point where I’m rushing out the door with no time spare to do anything for myself. It was stressful, I was tired and I felt unhappy because I didn’t have any time to focus on my blog.

It took time and hard work to get used to my new habit but after using the right tactics I’ve managed to become an early bird and wake up at 5 AM on workdays to make time for the things I love (blogging) before heading to work.

With this one new habit, I’ve managed to make time in the evenings to exercise and to spend time with my boyfriend. I have time at the weekends to see my friends and family. By creating one focus habit, its had a positive knock-on effect in my life and created even more Happy Habits. Such as going to bed earlier, creating a morning routine and being more organised!

So I decided to create the Happy Habits workbook, to share my ideas and help you understand how habits work. I want to help you identify which habits are stopping you from living your dream life and discover habits which will guide you towards your happier, healthier and more meaningful life.


Q: Do I need access to a printer to utilise this journal?
Yes, this journal is designed to be printed.

Q: What if I am unhappy with my purchase?
Unfortunately, due to product being a downloadable PDF I cannot provide a refund. This is because as soon as you pay for the product it will be downloaded to your computer. However, if you are unhappy with your purchase please contact me at [email protected] with your concerns and I will do my best to address them.

Q: My download is not working, what should I do?
If your purchase will not download or open for any reason please contact [email protected] and we will do our best to fix the issue.

Q: When will I receive my download?
The digital product will be emailed to you straight after your purchase.


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