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Hey lovely!

Over the years this blog has evolved into a community of like-minded people looking for inspiration and advice to live their best lives! Those Positive Thoughts accepts contributed content and articles that suit the positive vibe of this blog.

So, what exactly are we looking for? Posts that cover any of the following areas:

  • Personal Growth: self-esteem, confidence etc
  • Lifestyle: habits, goals, finding balance
  • Productivity: organisation, minimalism, procrastination
  • Wellness: self-care, anxiety, mental health

How to submit content

Any content you submit must be original content that has not yet been published elsewhere. Publishing the same content on multiple websites is what Google deems as “duplicate content” and hurts all sites involved.

  • Email [email protected] with your ideas for a post.
  • Please include the suggested title or a description of your post, e.g. “10 positive habits that will improve your life”, or “a post about healthy habits”.
  • I will be in touch within 7 days!


  • Posts must be between 1000- 2000 words
  • Posts must not advertise a single product, service, or website
  • Respond to all comments on your blog post(s)