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Botanical Nursery Reveal

I’m so excited to reveal our botanical nursery to you! I worked hard to create the perfect little nursery for our baby, due November 2021. We’ve decided to keep the sex of our baby a surprise, therefore we have decorated the nursery in neutral colours, which is my vibe anyway. I love neutral tones and a botanical theme, so the nursery pretty much blends in with the rest of my home.

My goal for the nursery was to create a light and relaxing vibe, which we would enjoy being in as a family. I also wanted to create a room which our baby could grow into. Which is why I decided to buy a cot bed instead of a cot, and a chest of drawers with a separate changing mat on top, instead of a built in changing table/chest of drawers. As these items would last longer and can be used for a toddlers room. We’re very lucky that our spare room was big enough to accommodate larger furniture, otherwise we might have had to compromise on some of the items.

Before I could start decorating the nursery there was a lot of DIY which needed to be done in the room and other parts of the house, such as plastering, installing a new carpet, screwing down floor boards etc. It made the process a little more stressful, as a first time mum to be, I just wanted everything organised as soon as possible, just in case baby decided to arrive early. But I’m now 38 weeks pregnant and the nursery is done and we’re impatiently waiting for our baby to arrive.

I will try to link everything I can, if there are items that I’m not able to link or that I couldn’t find online, I will link similar items.

I hope our nursery gives you some ideas and inspiration!

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Botanical Wallpaper

Paint: I painted all of the walls white using paint from Keim, which matches the rest of our home.

Botanical wallpaper: On one of the walls we hung botanical wallpaper. I didn’t want to hang any photos or wall decor above the cot for safety reasons. Therefore I decided this is the best way to create a safe feature wall above the cot. I spent what seems like forever choosing a wallpaper for the nursery, one which I loved and wasn’t too expensive, as I imagine this might be one of the first things which changes as the baby grows up. We bought two rolls of wallpaper from Vertbaudet, the quality of the wallpaper is amazing and I’m so pleased with how it looks! 

botanical nursery

Nursery Furniture

Chest of drawers: I purchased our chest of drawers from IKEA and added oak drawer knobs*. if you have seen many other nursery reveal posts/videos then you might recognise it! It’s a very popular chest of drawers and one which I saw in other nursery reveals, and I can see why. It’s absolutely perfect! At first I actually thought that it was too big for the room, but it didn’t take me very long to fill up the draws. It’s very sturdy, which is great when you’re also using it as a changing table. I also love the idea of having a changing table big enough to have other items next to the changing mat.

botanical nursery

Cot bed and wardrobe: I purchased our cot bed and wardrobe from Mama’s and Papa’s. I wanted to find something which matched the chest of drawers and could also be used for a toddlers room. I replaced the handles on the wardrobe with oak drawer knobs, to match the chest the drawers. The cot bed and wardrobe are part of a matching set called “Dover” from Mama’s and Papa’s.

Rocking Chair: It took me forever to find a rocking chair I liked! I wanted one which had a high back but is also comfortable for those long night time feeds. I’m glad I spent time looking around as I’m so pleased with the one we have chosen. It ticks all the boxes and looks great in our nursery. The chair we purchased is from Baby Planet. It took about 7 weeks to arrive but I think that was because the colour I picked was on back order.


Wall Decor & Changing Area

Curtains*: I bought white coloured black out blinds which I then paired with these beautiful and very inexpensive sheer curtains from Amazon. I love the bobbles on the curtains, I think it makes them very look playful and perfect for a nursery.

Mirror*: It took me a while to find a wooden round mirror which I liked and which didn’t cost too much. I found this one from Amazon which is the perfect size for the area. I loved the idea of having a mirror above the changing mat, so once baby has been changed we can both look in the mirror. My 6 month nephew loves looking at himself in the mirror and I wanted that to be something we can do together everyday.

Tropical wooden Leaves: I bought these two gorgeous wooden leaves from Etsy, from a lovely business called Fox & Brambles. I used Command Strips to stick them to the wall.

Bunny Photo and Frame*: I found this adorable bunny photo at my local market but unfortunately I haven’t been able to find anything similar online to link for you. I purchased the frame separately from Amazon.

Nappy Caddy*: I’m sure the nappy caddy won’t stay on the changing table, and will end up living in the lounge to make changing easier when we’re downstairs. But for now it looks cute sitting on the changing table. I bought this one from Amazon and it’s a good size to hold everything we need.

Changing Mat: I’m so in love with my changing mat from The Glided Bird. It matches perfectly with the wallpaper and the overall botanical nursery theme.

Book Shelf and Accessories

Book shelves: You may have seen these book shelves on Pinterest before, they’re from IKEA and are very popular. They are actually sold as Spice Racks, but they work really well as a book shelf too!

Bunny Hooks: These cute bunny hooks are from Sklum for £2.95 each! I’ve also seen that Zara sell the same hooks.

Teddy wash basket: This cute teddy bear washing basket is from Matalan. Unfortunately, I can’t see the teddy bear basket on their website anymore, so I have linked their cat basket instead. I wanted to get a whicker basket which had a lid, this one is a little big for newborn clothes, but as baby grows, it will become more suited to their size.

Musical mobile: This musical mobile was gifted to us from a family friend, before they even knew that we wanted a botanical nursery! I must say it fits in perfectly with our style. It’s available to buy from Amazon.

I hope you enjoyed my botanical nursery reveal and it has given you lots of ideas! If you have any questions about anything above feel free to drop a comment below.

Laura x

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